Welcome, Bible Girl! Let’s enjoy the Word today.

Hi! I’m Katie.

I am so glad you are here. This site is full of encouragement to walk with God daily through the enjoying and applying of the Bible.

For a long time I thought being a good Christian was all about following the do’s and don’ts. I tried to keep up with them but, boy, did they make me tired.

Until one day I joined a Bible study and I found myself surrounded by women who talked about Jesus like they just had coffee with Him. Seeing their faith made me realize I was missing something. Christianity is not about working hard to pleasing a distant God. Instead, it’s about a relationship with the God of the Bible and the best way to get to know Him is to spend time with Him through the Bible.

Over time I learned how to study my Bible on my own and received encouragement and accountability to spend regular time in God’s Word .The opening, studying, and understanding of the Bible is continually transforming me as I encounter a personal, living, powerful God.

Whether you’ve experienced the same transformation and are looking for ways to deepen your faith, or you are like I was: craving more of God but not sure how to get closer to Him (or maybe somewhere in between), I am glad you are here.