September 20

How to take your next best Bible Study step

When I was young in my faith, I saw these men and women who seemed so knowledgeable and solid in their relationship with God.

For a while, I thought that they were just born more spiritual than me.

However, over time I realized it was because they were consistently reading and studying Scripture.

I wanted what they had, but I didn’t know where to start.

For years I fumbled around feeling like a Bible study failure. I tried opening to random passages, reading plans, devotionals, even study books.

But they left me feeling like I was still missing something.

I was.

Over time I realized that I wanted more. I was tired of having other people to tell me more about the Bible. I wanted to experience it for myself.

How about you?

Are you dissatisfied with your ability to read, study, and understand Scripture? Do you want the “a-ha” moments with the Word? Does your soul long for a deeper, more intimate place with God?

If you are ready for more than it’s time for you to start studying the Bible for yourself.

And I have just the resource for you. I call it the Bible Study Boulevard.

The Bible Study Boulevard was designed to not only train you on how to study the Bible, but also to help you identify where you are in 1 of 6 stages in your relationship to the Bible.

Because I want you to take the next Bible Study step that is best for YOU.

No more crash and burn.
No more half-read reading plans.
No more unfinished Bible studies.

Want the first step? Head to to take the free assessment quiz!! It takes about 2 minutes and you’ll get your results right away. You’ll also have the option to receive personalized tips to help you take your next best Bible study step.


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Take your next best Bible study step.

Want to maximize your time in the Bible and grow closer to God but not sure where to start? Identify WHERE you are so you know WHAT to do first.