Southern California was home before I packed my bags and moved cross-country to Auburn, Alabama to attend college. Though I grew up in private Christian schools, it was at Auburn University where my spiritual life became a personal pursuit. Before then, I thought Christianity was a bunch of do’s and don’ts. Through the discipleship ministry of Cru, I began to understand the how’s and why’s of Christianity. How do I study my Bible and share my faith? Why do my decisions make a difference in my relationship with God? Why is reading the Bible so important?

God’s grace continues to carry me as I learn to walk intimately with Him. Through depression, grief, and everyday craziness, He has proven Himself faithful.

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For years I added to my shopping-list of characteristics I wanted in a man. I prayed God would bring me someone who lived up to those ideals. Looking back, I had no idea what it took to make a marriage work, and my limited list was full of shallow and shortsighted ideals. But God had a list perfectly suited for my needs and His purposes for me and, in His perfect timing, He sent me Chris. I am blessed daily by this man’s love.

Chris is the senior pastor of Grand Island Baptist Church in central Florida. We have three amazing kids and love hanging out together!

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