September 30

Three barriers to enjoying the Bible the way we want to


The other day I asked “When it comes to Bible Study … what is your biggest struggle?” and a clear theme popped up. Here are just a few of the answers I received:

Staying focused. I find it very difficult to do it alone (no friends).

Discipline and staying focused.

Focus and discipline.

Not being able to stay focused

Making the time & not being distracted.

Time & focus.

Focus & discipline for me also…

Making it a priority and being consistent.




So, yeah. Lack of focus is a true barrier to enjoying the Bible the way we want to.

As I look back on my own journey and the journey of thousands of women I’ve coached toward better Bible study, there are several factors that contribute to the inability to focus.

Lack of a plan

Simply put, when we have no plan, we wander through the Word. We may get a random nugget or two here or there, but without a clear goal and finish line, our time in the Bible will feel aimless and disjointed.

Lack of know-how

Having a plan brings purpose, but we also need to know HOW to reach our goal. Without a step-by-step process for how to study, we come away from the Bible scratching our heads instead of excited to put into practice what we just learned. It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to build a house.” It’s quite another to know how to put all the pieces in the right place. We can’t focus on something we don’t know how to do.

Lack of community

There are some out there who can follow the plan and navigate studying all on their own. They never forget, never get distracted, and have the answer to every question. For the rest of us, we need people. We need friends who will encourage us when we get discouraged. We need someone who is a few steps ahead of us to help us through the tough spots. We need a tutor who is skilled at coaching us toward the desired end goal.

When we know where we want to go, how to get there, within a group of people who are seeking the same end-goal, something amazing happens.


Forward progress.

Life change.

I love helping women find focus when it comes to Bible study. I have been teaching women how to study the Bible for twenty years. Over the last five years, I have spent a ton of time and energy honing in on what works best for today’s busy woman. Because today’s woman wants more.

They want to go deeper than a devotional.

They want to move forward from fill-in-the-blanks.

They want their time to be spent in actual study of the Bible.

And when they do start moving forward … wow, it is one of the most exciting things to see!

I love that I can follow the provided studies, instead of thumbing through my Bible, trying to decide what to study. I also love the encouragement that the community provides. It helps me to complete the study and I always look forward to the next one. I love that I’m learning Bible study methods that enable me to study any part of the Bible, on my own. I’m getting so much more out of my studies. — Lorie

I am now digging deeper than ever before and understanding what I am studying. If I get stuck, I have Katie and the members to help me. I love the ladies’ insight in their understanding of the Word.My Bible study has changed completely. — Judy

I love that I constantly have new studies to follow and can dive in as deep as I have time for. I am consistently in the Word now more than I ever have been! This is the place! You can literally start RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE and grow from there!— Donna

And the testimonials keep coming in.

I don’t say this to puff myself up (in fact, I’m a bit uncomfortable in sharing this with you!) I share this because I WANT THIS FOR YOU, TOO!

So if you’re ready for more—more focus, more study, more transformation through your time in the Word—then the Next Level Bible Study Club is for you.

The Bible Study Hub Club doors are open and I’d LOVE for you to join us.

We go through a new study each month, all of which are geared toward helping you take your Bible study to the next level.

Once you join, you’ll get immediate access to the structure, coaching, and community which will support you to take your next best step toward deeper Bible study.

See you inside the Club!


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Take your next best Bible study step.

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