September 25

For when you’re ready to start taking your faith seriously


Have you thought about your Bible study as a journey? You may not even realize that you have one, but you do.

It starts in the moment of your salvation—that instant where you first trusted in the words within the Bible, the living book about our awesome God.

It is then your transformation through the Word of God began. This moment was a critical one. It changed your eternal destiny and your life’s purpose.

Yet many of us don’t know what we’re supposed to do next. We don’t understand how to move forward. And we don’t fully grasp that the Bible holds the key to unlocking the intimate, fruitful relationship with God we crave.

Indeed, many believers miss out on a lifetime of blessings through a deeper experience of God’s present. You see, beyond our salvation, there is another pivotal moment in the life of a believer.

👉 I call it becoming a Craver. 👈

The Craver is a believer with a growing desire for a deeper relationship with God.

The Craver is ready for more.
More of God.
More of His Word.
More of the grace He freely gives.

The Craver is ready to start taking her Christian faith seriously.

The next best step for the Craver is to GRASP GRACE. She needs to understand the FOUNDATIONS of her faith.
👉What exactly is grace?
👉What actually happened when I placed my faith in Jesus?
👉How do I move forward in my Christian walk?

If these are questions you’ve asked and want some answers, I want to help. 👉👉  Check out the Bible Study Boulevard training 👈👈 which will help lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoying an intimate relationship with God.


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
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Take your next best Bible study step.

Want to maximize your time in the Bible and grow closer to God but not sure where to start? Identify WHERE you are so you know WHAT to do first.