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Why I love having a digital Bible library (and which one I use).

If you’ve been around me for more than ten seconds, you’ve probably realized I’m a huge Bible girl. More than that, I LOVE helping women learn how to get into the Bible consistently and in a meaningful way.

I spent many years unnecessarily feeling like a Bible-study failure and I spend a ton of energy developing tools to help other women move past those feelings of failure to walk toward a lifetime of enjoying the Bible.

Being a Bible girl means we’re committed to making Bible study a priority in our lives—and Bible study includes utilizing resources designed to help us understand the Bible better. In the digital age we live in, more and more resources are becoming available online making a wealth of information immediately available and at our fingertips, which is why I think every Bible girl needs a digital Bible library.

By far my favorite digital Bible study tool is [earnist_link ref=”logos-fundamentals” id=”24179″]Logos Bible Software[/earnist_link]. I’ve used Logos for over a decade and absolutely love it. My husband first got it when he was in seminary for his MDiv. I’ve enjoyed that perk of being a pastor’s wife—having access to his digital library. Now that I’m in seminary, I have my own account and library (and actually use Logos more than Chris does currently) and use it almost daily for personal study and/or school-work study.

What is Logos?

[earnist_link ref=”logos-fundamentals” id=”24179″]Logos is a Bible software program that includes thousands and thousands of Bible study resources[/earnist_link]. There are Bibles, commentaries, Bible handbooks, maps, Greek and Hebrew tools, and much, much more. Anything and everything you would need for a deep study of Scripture is available. (If you are a Bible teacher, there are also sermon/teaching tools to help organize your studies and talks. You can even create slides for your presentations within Logos!)

You can access Logos from your phone or tablet through the app, which is robust and easy to navigate. You can also access Logos from your computer either through downloading the program or through the website.

Who is Logos for?

[earnist_link ref=”logos-fundamentals” id=”24179″]Logos[/earnist_link] is an incredible resource. It’s not just for pastors or seminary students. And though it is an incredibly robust and powerful Bible study tool, it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and the interest to learn how to find what you’re looking for.

Logos is for everyone (and FREE to get started).

Regardless of where you are on the Bible Study Boulevard, if you want to grow in your Bible study abilities, I highly recommend you get a free account and start collecting the free monthly resources. Over time, this is a great way to build your commentary library. (The free resources vary, but they are usually a commentary on a specific book of the Bible.) A free account includes a few Bible versions, a study Bible, a Bible dictionary, an interactive timeline, two commentaries, and more. (See full list and details here.)

Here’s a video showing you how to sign up for an account and get your free monthly resource at the same time! (This video is a short clip from a full Logos tutorial and live study prep of Isaiah I did with my Bible Study Hub Club community recently.)

Once you watch the video [earnist_link ref=”logos-free-resource-of-the-mon” id=”24176″]head here to get your free resource of the month.[/earnist_link]

Here’s another clip showing you how to navigate Logos and exploring two of the free resources you get for signing up for an account.

Logos is essential for the serious student ready to invest in their skills.

If you are just starting out with reading the Bible, I highly recommend a solid study Bible. This is going to be a great first step toward understanding what you are reading, especially until you can learn how to study the Bible for yourself.

But sooner or later, you’re going to grow out of your study Bible. Once you start digging into the Bible on your own you are going to want and need more information than your study Bible can give. This is where Logos comes in and there are several reasons why I love building my Bible study library with Logos (which you will never grow out of!):

  1. Digital on-demand accessibility. I love that I can literally carry my library in my pocket. Through the Logos app, I have on-demand access to all my resources on my phone. I also use the app on my iPad. And, of course, have the same access available on my computer. So whether I am at home, at church (I often will look up Greek/Hebrew words and.or cross-reference as I listen to the sermon), in a small group Bible study, or out in a coffee shop working on deeper study, I can easily find and access exactly what I need.
  2. Cheaper resources. If available, I prefer to purchase new books and resources through Logos instead of hard copies. I used to buy hardcopies, but then I had a hard time bringing everything I wanted with me, if I was to head out of the house to study. But I also like to get the Logos version because it is almost always cheaper than buying the hardcopy. Not to mention, [earnist_link ref=”logos-free-resource-of-the-mon” id=”24176″]the free and highly discounted resources they come out with each month[/earnist_link]. There are also many Christian books you can purchase through Logos ([earnist_link ref=”logos-katie-orr-books” id=”24177″]including my very own books and Bible studies![/earnist_link]) and they have very competitive prices compared to Kindle, Nook, etc.
  3. It’s built for Bible study. From the layout, to the types of resources, to the way things link to one another, this platform is built to study the Bible. I find it very intuitive and helpful. (Remember, like everything else, there is always a bit of a learning curve!)

Beyond grabbing the free and discounted resources, when you are ready to start digging deep, I present two potentials to get you started.

The [earnist_link ref=”logos-fundamentals” id=”24179″]Logos Fundamentals [/earnist_link]. This package is 50% off right for new Logos users and this contains a collection of all the basics you need for self-study.

If you want to go “all-in” and/or are preparing to teach or write as a leader of others, purchasing a package is the way to go. The Starter Pack is sufficient and includes tons of great resources to get you started. You [earnist_link ref=”logos-15-off” id=”24178″]can get any Logos 9 package for 10% off through this link[/earnist_link], and you get to choose five free additional books!

The only thing neither of these packages have that I wish they had at least one of is an original language lexicon. But they do have native interlinear Bibles, which means you can look up the original Greek/Hebrew words with a click!

Have you tried Logos out yet?

What questions do you have about Logos? Let me know!


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