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How do I begin to study the Bible on my own?


FOCUSed15 Podcast – Episode #3 (Season 2)

I want to study the Bible. Where do I start?

I hear that question a lot. I’ve asked the same question, wanting to go deeper but having no clue how. In fact, before I actually asked anyone for help, I tried to dive in myself. I excitedly (and randomly) opened the Bible looking for a profound truth to cling to. Instead … I found crickets. Nothing but confusion and frustration and feelings of failure.

Many life goals can seem like an unsurmountable mountain and studying the Bible is one of them for many. Some dive in like I did, only to be disappointed in the experience. Others, instead of digging in to figure it out on their own, tend to just do nothing. They’re stuck in a paralysis of perfection—if it can’t be done right, it shouldn’t be done at all. Either way, the pursuit of studying the Bible on your own feels completely unattainable to many Christians.

Truly, this subject requires more than one conversation can handle, but we do want to give you a few easy places to get started. Listen in to this 15 minute podcast episode, for some simple tips on where and how to start studying your Bible. 

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Tips on how to start studying the Bible on your own
  • A few different options for starting out
  • The importance of a simple study plan—the WHAT and the HOW
  • How to work through a passage of Scripture on your own
  • Having a Bible coach (or finding a Bible study that can teach you along the way)
  • The importance of having the right mindset while studying the Bible
  • What it means to be under the Word instead of over the Word


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