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FOCUSed15 Podcast – Episode #4 (Season 2)

I’m really excited about today’s episode. Today we kick off our first “What you need to know about …” podcast episode. The plan is to cover each book of the Bible, providing you a quick and easy “on demand” option to learn the background of each book and any other important facts that will shape your study. In the weeks to come, during season 2 of the podcast, we plan to go through and highlight what you need to know about all of the Gospels and then the book of Acts.

Today, Chris and I chat about what you need to know about the Gospel of Matthew. I hope you’ll listen in!


  • What you need to know before you start studying Matthew that will make the biggest impact.
  • Three important elements of a book to look for before you begin studying: author, audience, and aim
  • The person of Matthew and the authority he had to write about Jesus
  • The significance of the Jewish audience and Jesus’ genealogy, and how that relates to the promised Messiah
  • Matthew’s style of writing using discourse and narrative throughout the book
  • The Great Commission and how that marks a change in mindset from the Old Testament into the New Testament



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Sermons on the Gospel of Matthew


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