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How to know God’s will

Many stages of life have found me struggling to figure out who I am and what I am called to do with my life. As a single 20-something, I was convinced it was pouring my life into ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ. After marrying, my calling eventually merged with my husband’s as we shifted […]


Bible verses for discouragement

There are seasons that are hard. I just don’t feel right. Discouragement comes easy. The dark cloud looms and lingers. I begin searching for what’s missing. Maybe if I start running, or eat better I will feel better about myself? Or, am I lonely and just need to find a new friend? Get more sleep? […]


Knowledge of the Holy

I’ve long said that we need to stop “trying harder” and focus our efforts on “believing better.” For years, I tried and tried and tried to be good—sure I was going to get it right this time. Yet when I failed (and I always did), I was surprised and disappointed in myself. I looked around, […]


Bible verses about God

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” —A.W. Tozer, When our view of God is off, it affects everything about us. As I look back on my early days as a Christian, hindsight clearly shows this reality at work. I saw God as holy and […]

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How to choose a Bible at the Christian book store

I vividly remember my first shopping trip to purchase my first “real” Bible. I gathered up all my babysitting money and excitedly entered my local Christian book store. My balloon filled with enthusiasm promptly popped when I made it to the Bibles section. There were so many choices! After staring at them all, and haphazardly […]