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3 Unconventional Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor

It’s pastor appreciation month, and while baked goods, tie trinkets, and gift cards are usually welcomed (though not expected!) your pastor may be blessed by something a bit out of the box this year. My husband, Chris, is a senior pastor and I have seen the best and worst sides of church people. We have […]

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Levitical Offerings Reading Plan

Here’s another Enjoy the Word reading plan! This 15 day reading plan will give you a quick overview of the five different offerings in the Old Testament as well as a peek into the New Testament connections! Leviticus is hard to understand and … let’s be honest … a bit boring at first glance. HOWEVER […]

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God’s plan for you is peace

My everyday peace is easily stolen. It takes only a simple glance at the latest world news or my mounting to-do list for uncertainty and restlessness to rise up and overwhelm my heart with anxiety. Yet another look at the success and joys of those around me can lure my soul into a never-ending longing […]

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James Bible Reading Plan

I’m excited to announce that another Enjoy the Word reading plan is ready for you in the Resource Library! These short and sweet reading plans are geared toward giving us a quick win when it comes to our time in the Word. So if you are just starting off on your Bible study journey, looking […]


Conversion and Calling

So, I’m going back to school. This turning 40 thing has been fun. It’s as if the road to my purpose and calling has been finally paved and I’m ready to run. I’ve said for years that I would love to take seminary classes. This summer at the Southern Baptist Convention—specifically at the Women and […]


The paralysis of perfectionism

I’m a goal-setter. Idea slinger. Persistent achiever. Those last two don’t always mix well. My brain and heart are filled with concepts and plans to keep me busy for eternity. Thankfully, God has also given me a capacity to juggle several projects and responsibilities at once. (He’s also gifted me with a husband who cooks, […]



Politically speaking, the last several years have been tumultuous ones. The United States of America has not been living up to its name in the “united” area. It seems that we become more and more divided with each passing day. I have friends and family on both sides of the political fence, and it’s heartbreaking […]

Why I resist unpacking my suitcase

I am the worst at unpacking my suitcase. Mine still lays at the foot of my bed from this weekend’s trip (it’s now late Wednesday), waiting to be emptied and put away in the closet. I don’t know exactly why I resist this small task. It will feel so great when it is done. There […]

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The Beauty Found in Leaving

So much of my life has been spent leaving. Leaving California for Auburn. Leaving Auburn for Jacksonville. Leaving Medical Technology for full-time ministry. Leaving Cru to go into church ministry. Leaving Florida youth ministry for a full-time Kentucky pastorate. Leaving Harrodsburg to move back home to Florida. In some ways, leaving is easier each time […]