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Philippians Online Bible Study

My next online Bible Study is right around the corner! We’ll be going through our BRAND NEW STUDY Philippians, and I would LOVE for you to jump in and study with us! It’s a 6-week study designed to be completed in as little as 15 minutes a day. There is also TONS of bonus content, […]

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6 reasons you should pre-order a book

When I first started dreaming of traditional publishing for the FOCUSed15 Bible studies, my first thought was to write studies through a book of the Bible. But through the pitching process and really thinking through a myriad of factors, the idea for shorter, topical Bible studies through one passage emerged as the way God was […]

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20 Days in Hebrews

Hurrah! I just finished loading the new Hebrews reading plan to our brand new system. It is so nice to see all the free reading plans nestled together. If you haven’t checked it out yet, this new system will allow for you to have continual and EASY access to all the free tips and tools […]


Is the Bible really error free?

FOCUSed15 Podcast – Season 3 – Episode 8 For some of you, your answer to this question may be a no-brainer. Or, maybe you are currently wading through theological waters to find the answer to this question. Either way it is important not only for you to know your answer to this question but also […]

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Pre-Order Philippians

Well, the internet has been my nemesis this week. Many of you have noticed that my website has been DOWN (ugh) which also means I have had to scrap my plans (double-ugh for this inflexible Type-A) and veer toward plan-B. (Which didn’t really exist, so it was less of a plan and more of flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. […]

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What do I need to know about Ecclesiastes?

FOCUSed15 Podcast – Season 3 – Episode #7 We’ve been working through the Wisdom Literature this season. We’ve hit on the book of Psalms as well as Proverbs and now it’s Ecclesiastes’ turn! IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT: The AUTHOR, AUDIENCE, and AIM of Ecclesiastes. The similarities between VH-1’s Behind the Music and the book […]


What is your favorite Study Bible?

I’m back with another Ask Pastor Chris post! This is a question we both get quite a bit.    Ask Pastor Chris: What is your favorite Study Bible? Let me start by saying no one has ever paid me a dime to endorse a study Bible. I say that, because if I were reading this […]

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7 Prayers For the Lost

I’m so excited for these new prayer request bookmarks! For a long time my prayers were limited to the few memorized prayers modelled by others. Thank you for this food. . . We praise you for the blessings you’ve given us. . . Forgive me of my sins. . . Be with me today. . […]

Give a gift of hope

You all have asked, so I’m going to make this happen! You now have the ability to GIFT a copy of Everyday Hope to someone who cannot afford it. The online study of Everyday Hope is around the corner and with every group session, there are many who are unable to participate due to finances. […]