January 16

What if I’m too busy to study the Bible?


We all live busy lives, and this pace of life often keeps us from doing the things we say we want to do. From working out, to spending more quality time with the ones we love, to studying the Bible — busyness can be a barrier to enjoying the most important things in life, including going deeper in our relationship with God.

In today’s brief podcast episode, Chris and I chat about the reality of our busy lives and how to get in the Word despite it.


  • Why this “excuse” is used so often and the common issues behind it
  • How to overcome a lack of desire to be in God’s Word by using scripture and prayer
  • The reminder that God is delighted when we come to His Word
  • How we always make time to do what we ultimately want to do
  • Some tips to stir up your affections to study God’s Word


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. Sweet! This is great ! Love listening to you guys! Thanks for all the encouragement, to step forward and do and become all God wants us to become His glory. t.
    Connect first=with your Bible ,then make the house shine.

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