September 19

There is hope for your really bad week.

I’ve had a lousy week.

It was unusually busy, with a Bible conference held at our church during which I watched the 4-year old class twice. (If you’ll remember, nursery duty is not my typical place of service in the church.) The newness of homeschooling has more than rubbed off and the kids were less than cooperative. I’ve had to miss the gym several times over the last few weeks, the house is a wreck, and I’ve had many random and poorly-scheduled appointments which couldn’t be changed.

So, yeah, it’s been a bad week.

Though the external of my week was rough, it’s the inside of my week that stinks. My attitude, my selfishness, and my sheer exhaustion. I’m pretty sure much of it is hormonal and “thyroidal” (I have yet another untimely appointment scheduled which will hopefully take care of those issues.) but there is another surge of emotions taking over which is not a physical problem. It’s spiritual.

My flesh is putting up a good fight these days and I’ve been attempting to stand against it on my own.

I’ve failed miserably.

hold on hope.001

There is much about this week I wish I could erase, but I am thankful that I do have hope. My God has not forsaken me, my kids are still my kids, and my ever-amazing, servant husband is still by my side.

I’m clinging to grace once again, trusting in the truths God’s Word gives me. (And listening to this song on repeat all day.) 

And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you. – Psalm 39:7

What truths do you cling to when you have a bad week?

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  1. Oh Katie…this has been MY week! I’ve been a Christian for 48 years and I still had a ‘bad’ week… My attitude stinks, I get angry (inside) and hurt for how I’ve been treated lately by family…yep, after 48 years of knowing Him, following Him, teaching about Him, loving Him, watching Him bless me and my family time and time again with His over-the-top provision, seeing His miracles, having so many prayers answered… And He just holds open His arms to me, His Word tenderly, sweetly soothes me with His peace, promises, even joy… Over and over again these past 2 weeks, in His Word, in my online devotions, songs on the radio He says “fix your eyes on me”. And I keep walking… toward Him… down His path, pressing in closer and closer to Him, “And the peace of God, that passes all understanding”…
    Our God is always faithful.

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