June 20

Why I Don’t Work in the Nursery

It’s VBS week here, and the kids are having a blast.

For the past several years, my job has been that of VBS picture-lady.



I get to take pictures all week and compile them into a slideshow. I must admit I really like this job. It gives me a chance to play around with my camera (LOVE my [earnist_link ref=”sony-nex-5n-16-1-mp-compact-in” id=”18892″]Sony NEX-5n[/earnist_link]) and share the pics with the families throughout the week.




My primary calling within the church is not with kiddos, so I am thankful for a way to serve without being in the throws of teaching a class. Yet, I often battle guilt, feeling that I should be in the nursery on Sunday mornings, or in the middle of everything for VBS. But the Spirit is faithful to remind me of wise words spoken to me in college.

A need doesn’t necessitate a call.

Just because there is a need doesn’t mean I have to fill it. And, I know that I know that I know that I am not built for children’s ministry to be my primary place of service. Give me a group of women to disciple. Done. Give me 30 minutes, a mic, and a Bible. I’m there.

So, YAY! for the VBS slideshow-person slot. I’m more than willing to fill it!



Do you struggle with feeling you need to serve in certain ways in the church? What area do you love to serve in the most?


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  1. Love that advice you were given in college: “A need doesn’t necessitate a call.” I need to pass that around not only to my heart but to some friends who feel they always have to do more, more, more, even when they’re already in over their heads. Just because we *can* do something doesn’t mean that we *should*. Thanks for sharing this, Katie!

  2. I love this. I feel like mothering is hard enough then having to spend my time at church dealing with other people’s kids. Every time I try to fill positions in the nursery or teaching I am unhappy the whole time. We were asked to help with our VBS in a few weeks but thankfully we only have to take the kids around to different stations.

    I feel the guilt though, Like everyone should share their load – why should I ask other people to watch/teach my child when I’m not willing to do the same with their kids? But I just really don’t feel led by God to do so. Right now I need church for me, for healing, for reestablishing a relationship with God, and for a break from my child.

    1. It is a hard line to walk! I feel the same way, about sharing my load. I think it is all about my heart being in the right place. Though I wasn’t excited about the potential of serving with a class this VBS, I was willing to. But, as the director and I chatted, she was excited when I mentioned doing the slideshow. I could tell that I was still filling a need, and serving her and the church that way, while still keeping my sanity. 🙂

      Ironically, we are headed on a mission trip this summer, where we will be doing a VBS in an urban area. We’re taking our oldest son with us and I am looking forward to it, even though it is children’s ministry! I knew with this trip that God wants me there, so I know He will be the strength I need for the week!

      Aprille, I think as long as you are serving somewhere, and you don’t feel the Spirit leading you to serve in the nursery, you can walk in confidence that you are where you need to be! Church is for God’s glory. The nursery workers certainly glorify God through their service, and we must also find a place to serve otherwise, that He might be glorified!

  3. Yes, yes and yes. After my husband resigned as pastor and thus bidding the role of pastor’s wife farewell a few months ago, looking back, I remember feeling that way a LOT. So thankful He has created people with different goals and plans in mind–and not just one of us to do it all! The body of Christ, a beautiful thing.

  4. *sheepishly steps forward* There was a time when I kind of thought I was the best candidate for everything.

    Ohhhhh, pride.

    Now, as I’m learning how I fit into the puzzle, I’m also learning that there are a few folks who would be happy to let me think that I am the whole puzzle. They think that would be just dandy, because they wouldn’t need to respond to the Lord about what He’s called them to do. And so the problem becomes two-fold. While it hurts to see clear needs go unmet, I know that I can never fit that spot in the puzzle quite right. So grateful for grace.

    1. Aren’t you so glad to be on the other side, though? I am. Looking back is brutal when I see the things I attempted, out of pride and desire for approval from others…

      So thankful He reveals things to us slowly and gently.

  5. I so needed to hear this today. Sunday I heard that God loves me as I am, not as I should be. Love how He pursues me everyday.

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