April 24

You’re Already Amazing (Book Review)



Hold close, with affection.

Eager acceptance.

There are many things I can embrace, easily. But, to embrace who God has made me—the strengths and the weaknesses—is no small feat.

It seems innate to dislike so many things about who I am.

The bulldozer personality.

That loud voice.

A tendency to be all or nothing and thus give up if surroundings cannot be controlled.

Why is it so hard to believe I am amazing?

I can look at other women and see much greatness about each of them.

She has a gentle, content spirit—one that calms others by just being around her. (Why can’t I just settle down?) When I am around her I feel like I am the only one in the room. (I wish I could be less distracted.)  I love her witty and endearing personality. (I’ve always wanted to be the one who lights up the room.) She has a way with words that is incredible. (I stumble so slowly through this writing thing.)

But, to see me? My strengths? My amazing-ness? (My ability to make up new words.)

That is a struggle.

I’ve never met a woman who found it easy to believe she’s amazing. I’m not talking about the puffed-up pride…I mean “I truly know who I am in Christ, embrace that fully, and live in it completely all the time.” I used to think I had to find a silver bullet that would kill my insecurity and replace it with confidence. I now believe that because we’re all Eve’s daughters, this insecurity is something we’ll face throughout our lives. – Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing

From her experience as a licensed counselor, life coach, and a fellow struggling daughter of Eve, Holley Gerth has poured her heart out for us in her book You’re Already Amazing. Holley has a way with words that made me feel as if she was right there with me as I read; she cheered me along and whispered truth to my uncertainty.

Here are a few things I came away with from my time with Holley:

  • Know the Truth. You’re Already Amazing points to Biblical truth about who we are in Christ and, more specifically, how He has also made each of us unique and integral to God’s plan—just the way we are.
  • Live in your strengths. Holley has filled this book with tools to help each of us figure out how God has built us.  From looking at the way we handle our emotions and how we connect with others, to developing a plan for our life that keeps our personality, strengths, and giftedness in mind; Holley encourages us to find and remain in a place that is using our strengths—and also to find a way to recharge for when we cannot.
  • Have a plan for where I want to go, in light of who God has made me.
  • Walk forward in confidence. Quit hoping and striving to be someone I was never intended to be. Pay attention to who I am, right now, and focus on being my best, not someone else’s best.
So if you’ve felt afraid to put yourself out there because you feel less than perfect, because you’re afraid what others might say, then reach out your hands and open your heart, sweet sister. You are already perfectly loved, and you only have to please the One who has already declared you are a delight to his heart. – Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing

You know, this bulldozer of a woman can plow through a challenge with energy, determination, and courage.

When in check, the “all in” mentality is a great strength of dedication and loyalty.

And that loud voice? My husband’s first memory of meeting me involves me standing on a chair and shouting. (I promise, there is a story behind that one!)

No one can take your place. God doesn’t have a “plan B” for you. You have gifts to offer the world, ways of connecting that only you can fulfill. – Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing
This isn’t about self-improvement. It’s about aligning our lives with love in the way God created us to do. To do that, we need a lot of grace and an approach that makes sense based on who God made us. Every runner has a rhythm that works best for her. You’re the same way. When we set out to make changes, we need to be sure we’re moving to be more of who God made us—not more life someone else. – Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing
I hope you’ll check out Holley’s book. It is encouraging, equipping, and enabling for your own journey toward embracing who God has made you to be.
Do you struggle with seeing the truth that you are amazing?


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  1. Um, I want to hear the chair-shouting story! 🙂

    I loved Holley’s book as well. She’s always able to encourage and inspire through her words, whether in books or on her blog. Good review, Katie.

    (And, uh, you’re “stumbling slowly through this writing thing??!?!??” Doesn’t seem like it to me!!)

    1. Haha. I was promoting for Fall Retreat at a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting, standing on a chair and yelling excitedly when people signed up for the retreat, “Caroline is going to Fall Retreat!”

  2. Fabulous review. Thanks for sharing your take on Holley’s book. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  3. Great review Katie, I love Holley’s writings & your insight. I’m having a little trouble you stumbling through writing, your Biblical insights always excite me and challenge me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Julie. I guess what I mean by “stumbling through writing” is that it doesn’t come naturally to me, as it does others. I worry about grammar and have to look things up often.

      But, I do love teaching. That comes easy!

  4. This book sounds amazing! What a confidence booster to dwell on who we are in Christ, to embrace the giftings He’e blessed us with, and walk confidently in those truths. It really can be discouraging to look at other more sucessful women, but I love the message of this book–to focus on who we are in Christ not who we are in comparison to other women. I like the title, too. Reminds me of the Electrolux tag line “Be even more amazing.” 🙂

  5. I think I could use this book! 🙂 So often, I feel just like you… stumbling through, never good enough, etc. Only I wonder- Why am I so reserved? Why do I feel so different from everyone else? Why can’t I be more confident? Why can’t God’s Words just drip freely and easily? But, yes, God works in and through our weaknesses, and often they are our strengths.
    I appreciate you greatly!!!
    (Oh, and I signed up for the DIY ministry- through your site :)- now I just need to plow through some videos.)

    1. I think you’ll find it encouraging to be who YOU are. Holley has a few questions/brainstorms to go through for almost every chapter, to help you work through each truth.

      Thanks for the referral! There is loads of info about learning WP. Let me know if you have trouble finding anything. They are great at answering questions quickly on the forum, so ask away!

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