November 21

On Becoming a Writer, By Lisa-Jo


Today we have a special treat!  Lisa-Jo who blogs over at the The Gypsy Mama is sharing with us about how she has become able to call herself a writer.



I never thought I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be a human rights lawyer. And then one day at the end of a conference the only female presenter in a sea of men asked me if I had kids. She kept hearing from others that she couldn’t manage kids with the cross-continental work she was doing. And surrounded by people who wanted to talk to her about human rights I got to encourage her about how I balance the calling of motherhood with my other work.

That night I emailed my friend Holley Gerth:

So, I have been thinking about you today because I am at a conference discussing some groundbreaking work to bring justice to the poor and afflicted. For many years that is the kind of work I have been involved in also. But, I have consistently felt this call on my heart to speak into the lives of women. Young mothers and wives who feel that what they do isn’t important.

I don’t know many who would consider that a needy population group. But I sure do. I am them.

So, I blog. I write my heart out to this beautiful audience who need to be encouraged as I wish someone had done for me. Because young mothers and struggling women have great needs too. And while it’s not my job, it is my delight to be used by God to be part of the plan for meeting them.

That was three years ago this New Year and the first time I truly believed I was a writer. Being able to encourage women at The Gypsy Mama and share the good, the bad, the sacred, and the beautiful about motherhood -it’s been the most fulfilling writing experience of my life.

Thank you, Lisa Jo, for sharing your heart with us! 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Lisa Jo’s writing prompt, Five Minute Friday.


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. Thank you Lisa Jo for sharing your heart with us through your writing. You are always so encouraging and give me hope to fulfill my own dreams.

  2. i just came across this interesting theme:) loved lisa jo’s post today. years ago, i realized, with the help of leaders in our denomination, one that is Biblical and also does not have women pastors/elders (they don’t tend to have active women’s ministries). ( yes, i’m generalizing and am not being judgmental to those who are different, just giving background for those who think of denominations as other than this.)
    all that to say that leaders in our group gave great encouragement years ago to mothers like me who were working, raising children AND had ministry as well (husband is pastor). encouragement within the Body of Christ/local church. it is a challenge, but it is what we need. we don’t need to be around a lot of people in our same age group that agree with us all the time. we don’t grow that way. we need to encourage each other and learn to be encouraged. and comparing ourselves hurts all of us! the only one who loves that is Satan. honestly!

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