December 27

What We Desperately Need for the New Year


Over the years you may have chosen, or seen others choose their “word” for the year. One word which sums up a focus, a hope, a plan for a bigger, better new year. I love this time of year and all the promise of a fresh start and new beginnings, but as I look forward to the new year the thought of one word seems inadequate to encapsulate my hopes for those 365 days ahead of me.

Without God’s work in & around me, my goal-setting, year-planning, & one-word-choosing are a waste.

It’s a significant step to dream big, to set goals, to move forward. Yet, I think it’s even more important to recognize that without the work of God in and around me, my goal-setting, year-planning, and one-word-choosing are a waste.

My focus and self-effort can move me forward for a while. Only a work of God produces permanent transformation.

And you and I are desperate for transformation. Not just for salvation, but for day-to-day living. For the eating habits we long to change. For the envious, hate-filled, or lustful thoughts we want to escape. For the harsh words and rage we desire to relinquish.

Or maybe that’s just me?

Let’s not run into our new year plans until we recognize our desperate need for Jesus. Let’s pause all our monthly planning until we’ve pursued God to reveal His purpose for our moments. Let’s be willing to cast aside our personal goals if they don’t bring us closer to His glorious perfection.

Because we desperately need a work of God more than we need a word to cling to. Chose your word, but look to the Word as your only hope.

Let’s search the heart of our heavenly, loving Father. Let’s beg Him for a glimpse of His good and glorious plan for our lives, the year ahead, and our moments hereafter. Then let’s trust Him to do a powerful work in our hearts this year.

May we look back at this time next year and see a year filled with a renewal of our motivations, and a revolution in our hearts.

What supernatural work do you need God to do in your life?


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