March 13

What it takes


Abide. Remain. Do not depart. This is what we have been charged with. The Christian life is all about holding on and staying connected to the source of all we need.

I long to be tied to the dock—for a lifetime. Not just today, tomorrow, or next week, but to the end.

Honestly? The thought of holding tightly for a lifetime is wearying.

What it takes to cling to Christ


Hard work.


Hard work.




I cannot hold on—I will not hold on—without His hands surrounding mine.

When my little ones are learning to swing, I cover their little hands and grip the chain. When they let go they don’t fall because my hands are surrounding theirs. I am holding on for them.

So it is with grace.

Grace is His big, strong hands covering mine. Gently yet firmly grasping the rope with my hands safely sandwiched between.

My soul clings to you;

Your right hand upholds me.

(Psalm 63:8 ESV)


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    • Thank you for your encouragement, Mary!

      I am digging into Already Amazing soon, can’t wait!

  • Beautiful analogy Katie, of your hands over theirs when they learn to swing. When we want to let go, grace holds us fast.

    • Thanks, Shelly. I am not usually good at analogies! He is so good to give us pictures of His love, so we can understand it!

  • Katie, this is amazing.
    It just grabbed hold of my soul and won’t let get.
    I so relate to the feeling, and I loved the imagery of holding our children’s hands as they learn to swing…

    And to think that I am held in that same way — so beautiful. So wonderful.

    • Thank you, Meredith. Honored to get to paint the picture of Grace. So thankful He never lets go!

  • What beautiful imagery you have cast here with words. I can just picture it too. How many times have I covered my own children’s hands as they gripped the chain on the swing! And to think, He does the same.

    Beautiful post.

  • He never lets go. Never ever. What grace!
    Think I’ll sit back and enjoy His grasp for a bit…
    Your post captivated my heart, Katie. Thank you!

    • “Think I’ll sit back and enjoy His grasp for a bit…” Love this! It is a great, safe place to be, isn’t it?!

  • This post resonated with me in many ways, and I absolutely loved the swing imagery. Nicely done!

  • Grace. Grace. And more of it. Love the image of His hands holding us tightly on.

    What a beautiful place to be.

  • I love the image, you paint, of God holding on to our hands, as we hold on to our little one’s hands while we push them on the swings. As I experience the ups and downs of life, it is beautiful and comforting to know that being in the grip of His grace, He ensures my safety so I can rest in the knowledge that He has me. Love it!

  • Much of the time I’m like your kids on the swing — letting go, falling and needing that grip of grace to hold me. His arm is not to short and his power is unyielding and his love is fierce and faithful, that’s what I’m learning here.

  • […] me to finish this race well. Even when I am weary and want to give up, His strong hands keep me like a parent keeping their little one safely on the swing. The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded . . . by the […]

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