October 4

A Prayer for Strength

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Today’s podcast comes from the porch!

(Which means that you will hear kids playing in the background, and I may or may not have edited out a few blood-curdling screams when my daughter found a spider.)

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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. A prayer to keep on a notecard and pull out to pray over friends and family!

  2. I really had a hard time memorizing scripture but found that it is important to seek God to know the area of life He wantsyou to build up. Thus doing so, I’ve found that if I take one verse and study it well, it becomes a part of my mental memory ! I will use the 3 prong idea u gave too: 1) write it out, 2) speak it or sing it, 3) post it all over the home. (God’s Word says that too- Deut.
    11:20 “write it on the door posts and upon thy gates” Ty for sharing the bathroom mirror writing too

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