January 25

My Baptism Story – Part 2

If ever there was a time that the Holy Spirit may have been moving me towards baptism, it was about three years later…(click to read part 1)

…Chris and I were newly married. After we had gotten engaged, I moved my membership to an Evangelical Free church that Chris had been attending for a few years. Since the time I had first moved to Jacksonville my doctrine had changed, and my desire for deeper preaching had emerged. I was ready and excited for the move to this great Bible-teaching church. We attended this church for about three years.

They had regular baptism services, and every once in a while I thought, I wonder if I should do that some day? There was a class we took at the church, on the essential doctrines of Christianity; baptism was something we looked at. I do think that during that lecture the Lord was prompting me to be baptized. But, I was too prideful (and too busy). I worried what others would think about me being baptized. I had been a Christian for quite a while, and was in full-time ministry. Why would *I* need to be baptized?
A few years later, at our next stop on the Orr Family Tour of Churches (we’ve moved around alot!) We attended a non-denominational, mega-church, which we loved. My absolute favorite thing they did was their baptism services. They did them fairly often, at least quarterly. It took up the whole Sunday morning service. Each person being baptized went through a baptism class, where they were taught about the doctrine of believer’s baptism, and were given a chance to do an interview. This interview was videotaped and presented at the baptism service.

It was such an amazing, God-glorifying way to do baptism. Video, after video; story after story; telling of what God had done in each soul’s life, and each grace-received soul telling us why they want to be baptized: because they want everyone to know that they love Jesus! I would have loved to have been baptized then, and was completely willing to. I considered it a bunch of times. But, the dates just never seemed to line up right. We were only there for about two years; of which we spent a summer in China, then Colorado the next summer, had our second baby, attended about a dozen conferences. If there was a time that we had ever felt settled, we then were called to move again.

Fast forward through the next two years. A career change for my hubbie, another move (in with the in-laws), a part-time interim job, an across town move (to our own itty-bitty apartment!) Provision of a full-time job, which led to another move. Three months later baby #3. Excuses not to be baptized? Maybe. But, in my heart, I don’t feel like it was. I never felt like I needed to push the issue, and force it to happen, during those difficult years.
So here I am. The Lord has been clear with me for a few months now, that it is time. Chris and I believe 100% in believer’s baptism. That is, it is an act of obedience to be baptized, as a believer in Christ. While I am thankful for the heritage and dedication that my parents gave me, their decision to baptize me thirty-two years ago cannot be how *I* give my complete obedience to Christ. Baptism is an observance that every believer in Christ should follow in, out of obedience and overflow of their walk with Christ.

This feels right now. I want to do this. I am not doing this because I think that God is looking down at me, wondering, “Why won’t you just be obedient? Can’t you at least do this one thing for me?” When He looks at me, He sees Christ’s perfect obedience. If something were to happen to me tomorrow, and I never get a chance to be baptized before I see my King, I am still accepted into His Kingdom. I am completely acceptable to God through Christ; a Baptist pastor’s wife who has not been baptized by immersion.Yet, I want to take seriously His Word, to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. He has told me to do it, and I will do it.

One of the coolest things: my husband will get to be the one who baptizes me! And, who knows? Maybe the Lord has had me to wait this long so that some of you may be spurred on to do the same?


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blogs, because 1 you are so tansparent, and 2 I miss you guys. When are you getting baptized?

  2. Thanks Mandy! So fun to know you have been a reader. Thanks for following. (We miss you, too!)

    There will be a baptism service in Feb, not sure what day yet.

  3. Again, your words have moved me Katie! I am impressed by the woman you have become since we met so many years ago as young girls! 🙂
    Love ya! Ginger

  4. Ginger! Thanks for reading. Appreciate your words.
    It is all by the grace of God. He continues to drawn me to Himself, year after year.

  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing your heart and explaining so beautifully what baptism means! I too was baptised as a child (Catholic) and not saved until I was a teenager. I was baptised then and loved the picture of what it showed of how Christ had changed me. So many others share the same story as you, and I think reading your explanation of why you "want" to be baptised out of obedience and not duty is just wonderful! Love to follow your blogs!

  6. Our pastor once put it this way – When you say 'I do' you are married, wearing a wedding band is a symbol to tell the world you are married. Not wearing it doesn't make you any less married, but when you are in love with your spouse why would you not want to have an outward sign for all to see?
    Barry and I were baptized, not together, but in the same service over 3 years ago. I, obviously, had the same upbringing as you and was baptized as a baby, but not of my own decision. Barry had done it when he was younger, but didn't really, truly give his life to God until he was older and wanted to do it again to mark that change in his life.

  7. I just found your blog through the Gather Inspirit link up and am enjoying your story! I'm a new follower 🙂

  8. Thank you for, keeping it real. I have a question, how did you handle communion during this time? I'm not baptized, yet. (long story) I believe it's what we as believers need to do, etc..where we attend church now, they say not to take communion if your not baptized-because your taking it in an unworthy manner. So we've opted not to take it out of respect for this church. What are your thoughts?

  9. Hi Katie,

    This is an interesting topic. I feel baptism is very important.

    A number of years ago I felt I really needed to be baptized and did it that very night. We filled the bath tub and my husband baptized me right there!

    I think it is cool that God asks us to be baptized and that he provides water everywhere!

  10. I too am ex-Catholic & as a baby was baptised according to the rites of the Roman Catholic church. I was saved in 1997 & at the time I didn't attend a church or feel the need to be baptised. Roll on 4 years later (2001) God brought me to a Baptist church where I have remained. Whilst there I attended a baptism & the Lord convicted me the I too should be baptised as it says in His word Matt: 28:19-20. I wasn't Baptised until the following year because I was pregnant at the time & we didn't want to risk a water birth. lol 🙂 My BFF was saved almost 30 years ago & was baptised last year, what can I say except we are on Gods time & His timing is perfect.

    I would like to add whether one is baptised or not, it has no bearing on our salvation. As there are many believers(my Mum included)who for whatever reasons were not baptised.

    Will pray that you have a lovely day & a wonderful time of fellowship on your Baptism.

    P.S. sorry for rambling on

  11. I am 19 and catholic and had to be re-baptized as an infant 4 years ago when i was 15.my dad was in the military when i was born and i was baptized by a military chaplain who was’t familiar with catholic baptism.my parish saw his name on my baptismal cert. and checked on him and told me my baptism and first holy communion was invalid.me and my parents were told that i had to be re-baptized as an infant thru the infant baptism program and then remake my first communion after wards.i was then registered as an infant and was required to wear a regular infant type baptism outfit which consisted of a white knee length gown,bonnet,white tights and booties.i had to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants under the tights along with a white under shirt.i was considered an infant for the day.for my communion,i changed into a communion dress and veil.

    1. Hi april,i am catholic also and was never baptized when i was an infant due to family problems and medical issues.finially at age 14 my parents decided to have me baptized.they told me i was to be baptized as an infant and registered me as an infant thru the infant baptism program at our parish.my parents had an infant type gown made for me with a matching bonnet,lace socks and booties.a cloth diaper was made for me and ruffles sewn across the back of a pair of white rubberpants that i wore over the diaper.i had a tee shirt with the diaper and rubberpants.i had a pacifier attached to the front of my gown and carried a baby blanket as well.i was dressed in the outfit in the nursery and laid in a baby crib while it was all put on me.i was considered an infant for the day and held and cuddled like one.

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