January 3

How to do an EASY Greek word study on BlueLetterBible.org

Ever wonder how to look up a Greek word in your Bible? It’s really easier than you think! And there are tons of great FREE online tools to help you on your quest to learn more about the true meaning of each word you study in a passage of Scripture.

Here is a tutorial on how to find the original Greek words in the Bible and where to go to find out more about those words, in BlueLetterBible.org.

What did you learn from the video? Have you used BlueLetterBible.org before?


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. I have never used Blue Letter Bible site before. Thank you so very much for your teaching and help. I hope to use more from your site. I am studying Everyday Hope right now. Again, Thank You.

    1. Hi, Linda! I’m so glad you found this helpful. Once we figure out the right buttons to push, it is quite easy. Praying your time in the Word is rich!

  2. Wow this is great!! I was overwhelmed the first time I went on the Blue Lettered Bible site but now I feel able to actually use it. Thank you!!!

    1. Yay!! Yes, it can be overwhelming at first. Glad you figured it out!!

  3. This video walking us through the online resource was extremely helpful for us visual learners!

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