June 28

On social media and my writing process


It has been so fun to do these interviews over at How They Blog.

Today I’m sharing about how to keep social media from running my life (though I’m definitely not the picture of perfection!) and how I get my writing done. So, if you’ve ever wondered…

How They Blog badge

Here is something I wonder: How many of you blog? Thought of blogging? Love reading blogs but have no plans to start your own? How had God used blogs in your life?

(And, if you are a blogger, can I recommend the Declare conference? I am going and I’d love to see you there!)



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  • I have blogged, Not so much (really none) in the last six months. But our family has changed a lot lately, and growing takes time. I hope we get in a routine soon, and I can get back to writing. We recently received custody our our four year old grandchild. That will change your world, let me tell you!

    • I’m sure you are enjoying these moments with your grandchild! Though 4 year olds are certainly a challenge! People talk about the terrible 2s all the time. I think the 4s are much worse.

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