March 25

Find More Jesus


Christ-Centered Easter for Kids

Need a plan to make your Easter season intentionally Christ-centered AND easy?

If I am not careful, my children will grow up experiencing Easter as a sugar-filled day with fun activities and family dinner; they will get a new dress or pastel tie, a pretty basket, and probably a few cavities.

But no Jesus.

I must be incredibly intentional to give my children ample opportunities to find Jesus. Through beautiful sunsets, a scary thunderstorm, or a flittering butterfly; while we drive to t-ball practice, play in the yard, or on our way home from church; I am given these moments to tell my kids about Jesus.

I most certainly should use Easter to teach them the truth about Jesus.          

         — Excerpt from Find More Jesus

Are you looking for a guide to help you point your children to Jesus this Easter? Do you find yourself browsing the internet — overwhelmed yet inspired with all the great ideas out there — wishing someone could just tell you what to do each day?

I’ve been there.

After I shook off the paralysis of too many options, I created a fun and simple Easter plan that we’ve used in our own home for years. Find More Jesus an easy — yet incredibly meaningful — Easter plan sure to point your children to real meaning of Easter.

Find More Jesus


Also available for Kindle.


Each day includes:

  • Short daily Bible reading.
  • Corresponding simple daily egg-activity.
  • Suggested prayer time.
  • Personal focus point for you to chat about with your family.

A supplies list and thoughts on the Easter bunny from a Christian worldview are also included.

Also available for Kindle.

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There is also Facebook Page for you to share pictures of your own Find More Jesus family celebrations. I hope to see you there!

Updated March 2013


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  1. Love this, Katie. So important — love how you are always motivating me, directing, encouraging me to keep my eyes on Jesus.

    Blessed by you, my friend.


  2. THANK YOU for posting this! I completely agree regarding Santa, Easter Bunny..etc. Sometimes it feels a bit lonely taking a stance for Jesus and removing these ‘idols’ from our holiday traditions. Blessings to you this Resurrection Sunday~

  3. Actually, when you mentioned Easter baskets I realized I hadn’t even thought about that. As my kids get older it is less about stuff and clothes and more about Jesus. Great that you are providing this resource to help parents think outside of the box.

    1. Thanks, Shelly! It is such a battle to make Easter, and especially Christmas all about Jesus, and not about stuff. Thankfully, we’ve started the battle early, so hopefully it will only get easier each year.

  4. Awesome idea! I’ve been struggling with this, too, especially as my children area getting older and need less and less toys! I’ve put together a Top 10 Radical Ways to Celebrate Easter that I’m going to post later this week. It is cool to see us tracking on the same page!


  5. My little guy is turning three next month, and I so want him to be taken with our Savior’s death and resurrection more than being taken by the Easter bunny and candy. I look forward to checking out your Facebook for more ideas.

    One thing I learned this Sunday while watching our Pre-K children, is that adimantly throwing out the Easter bunny and eggs (or in this case Halloween) can be detrimental to children too. I asked the class “Have you ever told anyone about Jesus?” One little girl told us about how another boy believed in celebrating Halloween and she assured him that Halloween was evil. That was her example of sharing Jesus. How our eyes are unveiled by children! Our focus as parents must always be on the Savior and not on what we won’t celebrate.

    1. “Our focus as parents must always be on the Savior and not on what we won’t celebrate.”

      Yes! I do think many get caught up in all the “bad” of “secular” holidays, instead of focusing on what fun parts can be redeemed, and use to point our kids to Jesus!. Well put!

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