September 21

Ephesians Reading Plan

There are two needed ways to study the Bible, and it’s important for us to engage in both types of study.

  1. The Bird’s Eye View – This is where we get a quick yet needed lay of the land. This “arial” view grants us the big picture of the Bible. The goal here to enjoy the book as a whole. It is NOT time to glean everything out of it that we can.
  2. The Bug’s Life – This is where we can dig in and dissect the parts, notice the details, and begin to process what it all means.

Reading plans are designed to provide us with The Bird’s Eye View. Both perspectives are needed over time, but it is important that we keep the goal of each in mind.

Many of you are already a part of the onlineĀ Bible study group for women, a private group for those wanting extra accountability and encouragement to get (and STAY!) in the Word on a regular basis. I’ve been mapping out opportunities for BOTH of these ways to study the Bible. As one who tends towards The Bug’s Life, I’ve really enjoyed the addition of these smaller Bird’s Eye View reading plans to my study time.

Ephesians Reading Plan

I’m excited for this new study tool! The 12 Days in Ephesians reading plan is simple, flexible, and geared toward helping us get a quick overview study of the book of Ephesians.

This reading plan is part of a bundle of reading plans, all which are laid out on a printable bookmark for easy reference.

ephesians reading plan

Have you studied Ephesians before? What do you enjoy the most, The Bug’s Life or The Bird’s Eye view? Share with us in the comments!


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Pouring out your heart to God
  1. Hello… I’ve signed up but have not received anything via email, for the Ephesians bible study starting on Monday.

    1. Hi, Barbara. Sorry you are having trouble. Fill out the form at with your email, and I can look you up in my system.

  2. Hi Katie. I have signed up to joined the Ephesians study, but have not received the study as yet.

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