October 9

Bedtime prayers in the Orr Household {as overheard by Mom and Dad}


Kenneth: Ok, so here is what you do. Pray and ask God to come into your heart. Say, Dear God, please come into my heart.

Anna: God, come into…

Kenneth: No! Say Dear God…

Anna: Dear God…

Kenneth: Will you come into my heart?

Anna: Will you come into my heart?

Kenneth: So I can be a Christian.

Anna: So I can be a Christian.

Kenneth: So I won’t go to hell.

Anna: So I won’t go to hell.

Kenneth: OK, now I’m going to go tell mom.

{little boy footsteps}

Kenneth: Um, Anna just prayed out loud, that she wanted God in her heart.

Mommy: Oh, yeah?! Why did you want her to pray?

Kenneth: So she won’t be in hell.

Mommy: That’s good that you don’t want your sister to be in hell. What’s the worse part of hell?

Kenneth: Jesus isn’t there.

Mommy: That’s right! You know, Kenneth, what you did is what Christians are supposed to do. We are to tell others about Jesus, and about their need for Jesus—because of their sin—and about how they can be with Jesus forever.

{little girl footsteps}

Mommy: What happened, Anna?

Anna: I prayed to ask God in my heart.

Mommy: Oh, yeah? Why?

Anna: Because I want to become a Christian

Mommy: Why do you want to be a Christian?

Because I love you.


This made me smile.

So, obviously there is still much Anna to grasp about the gospel (and Kenneth about evangelism).  There are many more conversations to be had. However, I just love that my six-year old is sharing the gospel my three-year old! (And just so you know, we really don’t talk about hell being the primary reason to become a Christian. I think Kenneth has heard it at church a few times, and his little mind is fixated on it.)

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

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  1. Precious!!!!!

    Our girls had a similar conversation when they were 5 and 3. The 3 year old informed us she didn’t want to go to Mr. Hell. Sadly, our neighbor’s name was Mr. Hill. That would explain why she had avoided him for a couple days.

    1. So stinkin’ funny! Ahh, 3 year olds. They can be the sweetest, most adorable things one minute, and…we’ll I’l leave it at that. (Let’s just say year 3 and I don’t get along very well!)

  2. What a precious story! One we can smile about, and one that, God willing, since you’ve written it down, they will smile at one day too.

  3. Oh! They are so special. I love how he motivated not want to go to hell, because Jesus isn’t there! Wow! The faith of a little child. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I thought it was not only sweet but significant that Anna wanted to become a Christian because of her love for you. Now yes, maybe she thought it would make you happy, but I think it underscores a truth that we believers should not hold lightly.

    Our greatest witness is to those with whom we share our lives and love. It is through love that we build a relationship and all earthly relationships (especially parent/child relationships) are imperfect reflections of a holy relationship with God. As frustrating as three year olds can be, she obviously has a solid relationship with her mama!

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