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I want you to meet Anelson.

He lives in Mapou, a small village on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. Anelson was one of the first of the children we met last year on our week-long trip to Mapou. He is a curious boy, always hovering around, hoping to catch a word or two of English he might know.

Cholera in Haiti

Anelson, July 2011

A few days into our trip, our team took a walk around the village to see the “garden” of corn they had planted. The terrain in Mapou is so rocky, that they find whatever patch of soil they can find, and plug something in it to grow whatever source of food they can. Along the way we spotted a fruit tree. Anelson climbed up the tree with ease and shook the branches for us. We all attempted to catch the ripe fruit as it fell from the sky.

Cholera in Haiti

Many of the villagers do not smile when you take their pictures. I guess they have not been taught to “say cheese” whenever they see a camera. Though, Anelson would smile.

Last week we prayed for Mapou, and God brought the rain! Thank you! Yet, they still need more rain to fall, as what they received is not enough to last them through the dry season, but their immediate need for water has been met. Praise Him!

However, last week amidst the drought, they found out that cholera has been passing through the villagers.

Anelson is among the worst of them affected by cholera. He is in the nearest “hospital” three hours away being treated for this bacterial infection. Here is the latest update:

Please pray for Anelson, a young boy in the village who has been in the hospital for a week with cholera. He is not doing well. I was told this morning that his body is badly swollen up and tingling as if he is having an allergic reaction. There are no nurses like we have in the US. His family has to make the three hour journey down the mountain to care for him at the hospital. They are also the poorest family in the village and will struggle greatly with paying the hospital bills. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Anelson.

Cholera in Haiti

Photo taken by Craig Lovely, during this summer’s 2012 church trip to Mapou

My heart is so heavy. It is hard enough to hear of all the suffering and pain around the world. But when you know their name, you’ve looked into their youthful eyes, and now you envision them lying in a bed—weak, severely dehydrated, and possibly dying . . . well, it is hard.

Will you pray for Anelson? Will you consider giving to International Ministries of Hope—the ministry who has truly brought both physical and spiritual hope to this little village—and designate your gift for Anelson’s family to afford the hospital bills?

I would love for you to leave a prayer in the comments for Anelson and his family.
UPDATE 8-18-2012: “Happy to share that he is now well and strengthened enough to attend a soccer game.” Yay! Thank you for your prayers!


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. Thank you for sharing this Katie! He has such beautiful eyes. I hate to hear of his illness. I prayed for rain last week. I will pray for his health. I am enjoying your “The Nations” posts. I have a heart for the nations, but it hasn’t been God’s timing for me to travel to another one yet. So I greatly enjoy seeing what others see when they do.

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Jamie. I so long to go back, but then I wonder if it would just be better to send the money that it would have taken to get there…

  2. Father, Master Potter, Master Physician, I humbly come before You with a heart hurting for one of Your own. Anelson. I see the light you gave Him in his eyes. The joy that protrudes from his infectious smile. And he’s hurting, Abba.
    Lord, please wrap Your loving, healing arms around Your child Anelson. Bring healing to his body like only You can. Give the doctors wisdom in caring for him and guide them through the journey of recovery.
    Be with Anelson’s family, Father, as they bare the burdens that come. Assure them You are there every step of the way. Reveal Yourself to them, Lord, as they search for peace. Help them manage the finances they’ll need to endure through this.
    Thank You, Lord, for what you plan to do in Anelson’s life. No matter what You are good. No matter how, Your will be done. No matter when, may Your glory be revealed….

  3. Father, you see this young boy so full of hope in the middle of what most would see as hopeless. Please let the rains fall on this village, rain down out if your abundance Lord, not only wet water of rain, but rain down healing on this child, let your healing virtue flow this little one who you carry in your heart. In three name of Jesus we bind, rebuke, and bring to no effect every sickness, and shred of disease from his body, his family, his village and we loose your power of healing, the strength of your word and the comfort of your Holy Spirit. Father rain down blessing on these people and those who minister and let your rain of mercy fall fresh on us that we would have hearts and actions to help. In Jesus name, Amen

  4. Jesus, my heart is heavy with worry this morning. Just 2 weeks ago I was in Mapou, building a friendship with Anelson. It’s hard thinking about how happy and healthy he was then, and now to picture him sick and hurting. God, I trust that you have the power to heal him, and take the cholera away immediately if you chose to. You’ve done countless miracles in Mapou already – sending rain, saving souls, and healing others who have been sick – and I ask you now that you would do another. Show yourself strong to your people and touch Anelson’s body and heal Him, if it is your will. Provide the money and resources his family will need to pay for his hospital bills too, God. I ask this in your name Jesus, trusting that you have the power to do it if it is what you want. Amen.

  5. Father, God, our Mighty God, Provider & Great Physian; please heal Anelson and provide for his family. May they all be protected from illness as well. Please heal this disease from each infected. May the Drs & staff at the Hospital be Blessed with wisdom & discernment. Thank You for the Rain already provided & blessed these precious people. May they be blessed with more rain & needs not even known met by You, while all the Glory be to You, God! May the seeds sown by Your Workers [i.e. Katie & group etc] Grow & Bloom! Thank You! Love You & Praise You In Jesus’ Name! 🙂

  6. Jehova Rapha, I pray your healing touch all over the community, and that every person infected with this disease would find healing and restoration. Let there be wisdom where there was none, and peace where there was hopelessness and hope where there was desperation, and health and healing where there has been sickness and disease. You have come to replace the mourning with a mantle a gladness and rejoicing. Let all who call on Your name find their hope to be in YOU. Thank you, Lord.

  7. Thanks for your prayers. Anelson is well, home from the hospital, and acting like a little boy again.

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