October 28

All I have left after today is a cry.


Lord, I don’t have what it takes to get through this day.

I can’t meet everyone’s needs. I can’t handle the whining and the crying and the disobedience.

I just can’t.

I don’t have enough arms to catch all the drips and hold all the bodies. I don’t know what to do when all sets of eyes are looking to me to fill their moments.

I’m paralyzed.

All I have left after today is a cry. One last cry out to you.


I can’t do this on my own, I know that. Yet I’m not quite sure what it means to lean into you in these crazy moments. The moments when the room is spinning, and my ears are full of requests and demands, and I think I might go crazy.

Then the enemy whispers his lies and I believe, and I think that might be even worse than my sinful response to my children’s need.

Why do I believe the lies? That I am not enough. That I have messed up too much. That I just don’t have what it takes to be a good mom.

Help me believe that you have appointed these precious children to be mothered by me, and that you have equipped me to do just that. I praise you for your great mercies — the kind that renews every morning. Give me great grace to cling to You, your worthiness, and your strength.

Especially during days like today.


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Pouring out your heart to God

Pouring out your heart to God
  1. Precious sister…praying for God’s truth to saturate your soul with overwhelming peace and refresh you anew.

  2. Oh, how I can relate. OH.HOW.I.CAN.RELATE.

    Praying for us both, friend.

  3. After being a mom for 18 yrs to 3 children of varying ages, I have had many, many days like this. And I know there will be more to come…. And this is why we must stay oh so very close to Him who knows…

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