October 20

When Trying Harder is Not Enough

Today I’m kicking off a new podcast series, through Psalm 46, and we’re chatting about how our beliefs affect our actions. 

Show Notes

One familiar trap I find myself in is the belief that I must try harder to please God. After my worst moments, a vision of God flashes through my head. He is standing, arms crossed, face stern, and head shaking when He finds out the bad choices I made. And I believe the lie that I am stuck in the mess of my sin. Alone. Without hope. Forever marked with the burden of failure. So, I throw my pity party, pick myself off the floor, and pile out of bed the next day determined to try harder. I declare, “I will get it right today.”

Only I don’t. Again and again and again I fail. This try-harder life is exhausting.

The cornerstone of Satan’s strategy is to get us to believe that God is not good.

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