February 27

Should I be using Bible commentaries?

FOCUSed15 Christian Podcast – Episode #11 (Season 2)

Today we’re discussing commentaries! Chances are, you probably teeter between one of two extremes when it comes to using one. Some check the commentaries and study notes in their Bible right away. Some never use them at all. In this practical 15 minute episode my husband Chris and I chat about the helpful ways commentaries can be used to enhance and guide our interpretation of Scripture. I hope you’ll listen in!


  • What a commentary is and how it can be used during your Bible study time
  • The appropriate time to use one when you study
  • The influence the worldview will have on the writer of a commentary
  • The nature of the different commentaries
  • The distinction between a Study Bible and a commentary
  • Practical tips to help find a commentary that will work for you


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