July 31

What do I need to know about the book of Psalms?

FOCUSed15 Podcast – Episode #1 (Season 3)

We’re so excited to kick off Season 3 of the FOCUSed15 Podcast! We started off with diving into the book of Psalms, with another What do I need to know about … episode. Here’s what we packed into this 15 minute episode. Obviously, we couldn’t hit on the depth and width of this great song book, but here is our attempt at pointing out some of the highlights! I hope you’ll listen in.


  • The correct way to refer to the Book of Psalms is plural, whereas individual Psalms are to be stated as singular (ie, Psalm 1 NOT Psalms 1).
  • AUTHOR: Many authors.
    • David (73 named in title. New Testament gives credit for 2 more),
    • Asaph (12)
    • Sons of Korah (11)
    • Then many miscellaneous: Solomon (1), Moses (1), Ethan (1), Heman the Ezrahite (1)
  • The Psalms are arranged into 5 books, which many scholars believe correspond to the 5 books of the Law.
    • Book 1: 1-41
    • Book 2: 42-72
    • Book 3: 73-89
    • Book 4: 90-106
    • Book 5: 107-150
  • AUDIENCE/AIM: This was compiled as a song book for the Hebrew people.
  • There are many different styles of Psalms within the book:
    • Hymns of praise
    • Songs of thanksgiving
    • Lament
    • Historical
    • Songs for a specific event (Example: Psalms of Ascent)
    • Prophetic
    • Praise of God’s Law
  • Interpretation notes:
    • Keep in mind progressive revelation. It’s important to remember that God reveals Himself to us over time. There are things that we now know about God and His plan that the Old Testament people (Moses, David, the Israelites, etc.) did not know or understand.
    • Just because something is in the Bible (like the cursing of enemies in the Psalms) doesn’t mean God is condoning that behavior.
    • The Psalms are part of the Wisdom Literature group of books. It’s poetry that was set to music.
  • The dominant theme throughout the Psalms = the Character of God.
    • His goodness in creation
    • His ability to save
    • God’s willingness to hear our prayers and deal with our emotions
    • He is worthy of our worship
    • He is holy
    • His Word is good and for our good


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