November 17

Advent Bible Studies for Women

Advent is right around the corner and this is a great time for us to set our minds on Jesus, you know, the reason for the season! I’ve collected many advent plans and studies along the years. Here’s a list of studies I’ve done—or have wanted to do!

Advent Bible studies for women

[earnist_link ref=”love-comes-near-an-advent-bibl” id=”19053″]Love Comes Near[/earnist_link]

  • 25-day Bible study from Jenni Keller
  • Includes a bonus Family Advent Experience
  • [earnist_link ref=”love-comes-near-an-advent-bibl” id=”19053″]Learn more about Love Comes Near[/earnist_link]

[earnist_link ref=”he-is-an-advent-study-on-the-a” id=”19056″]He Is[/earnist_link]

  • An Advent Bible study from Becky Kiser
  • 20 Bible Study days on the attributes of God written by 20 guest writers (including me!)
  • Includes a 5 Advent Candle Bible Study and Instruction days
  • [earnist_link ref=”he-is-an-advent-study-on-the-a” id=”19056″]Learn more about He Is[/earnist_link]

[earnist_link ref=”then-came-jesus-the-light-of-t” id=”19057″]Then Came Jesus[/earnist_link]

  • A 4-week Bible study by Lara Williams
  • Each week organized into a 5-day study plan
  • Suggested Scripture memory passages for each week
  • Each day includes an optional “Family Idea”
  • [earnist_link ref=”then-came-jesus-the-light-of-t” id=”19057″]Learn more about Then Came Jesus[/earnist_link]

advent bible studies for women

free advent reading plans for women

Adore Him Reading Plan

Advent Reading Plan

Born Is The King

  • A free 28 Day reading plan from She Reads Truth
  • Starts on the first Sunday of Advent
  • Learn more

Christ Was Born for This 

  • A free 29 Day reading plan from She Reads Truth
  • Starts on the first Sunday of Advent
  • Learn more

Joy to the World

  • A free 29 Day reading plan from She Reads Truth
  • Starts on the first Sunday of Advent
  • Learn more

advent reading plans free

kids advent calendars

Kid’s Advent Calendar and Reading Plan

  • This looks like a load of fun!
  • A 24 day reading plan and activity guide for families from Not Consumed
  • Learn more

Advent with the Jesus Storybook Bible

  • A 24 day plan through the [earnist_link ref=”the-jesus-storybook-bible-delu” id=”19059″]Jesus Storybook Bible[/earnist_link] (our fav!!)
  • Includes Bible verses to read alongside the[earnist_link ref=”the-jesus-storybook-bible-delu” id=”19059″]Jesus Storybook Bible[/earnist_link]
  • Simply grab your copy of [earnist_link ref=”the-jesus-storybook-bible-delu” id=”19059″]Jesus Storybook Bible[/earnist_link] and download her free reading plan!

[earnist_link ref=”the-littlest-watchman-advent-c” id=”19071″]The Littlest Watchman – Advent Calendar[/earnist_link]

  • Includes an [earnist_link ref=”the-littlest-watchman-advent-c” id=”19071″]Advent Calendar and Devotional Booklet[/earnist_link]
  • Gives suggestions on how to make your own “Jesse tree”
  • Has an accompanying book: [earnist_link ref=”the-littlest-watchman-watching” id=”19070″]The Littlest Watchman: Watching and Waiting for the Very First Christmas[/earnist_link]
  • We used this last year and enjoyed it!
  • [earnist_link ref=”the-littlest-watchman-advent-c” id=”19071″]Order your copy here[/earnist_link]

kids advent calendars



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