• Are you too busy for Bible Study?

    Hungry for more Bible study but not sure how to make it fit into the fast pace of life? I believe even the busiest of women can train her eye to discover the life-changing truths held in scripture, in only 15 minutes a day.

  • Need help?

    Do you desire to learn how to study the Bible on your own, but are unsure of where to start? By taking manageable portions of Scripture over a week’s time, this simple yet effective Bible study method can teach you how to go as deep as you want into the Bible.

  • Looking for structure?

    Do you long for more than a devotional but don’t have the time for a long workbook study? FOCUSed15 Bible studies provide a proven balance of structure, self-guided study, and solid commentary.

I have read and loved Katie’s studies in the past and this one doesn’t disappoint, either. She has a great style for helping you delve deeper into the book you are studying. Love the cheat sheets, too!


I love Katie’s down to earth approach to Bible study. She gives a great outline for the study, daily breakdown of what to look for and cheat sheets to compare your results. 


As a Bible Study teacher and a Women’s Discipleship leader I love the FOCUSed15 method. This study will make Bible study easy for even the novice. Katie has a beautiful way of breaking down even the Greek/Hebrew word study in a way that makes it fun and not so intimidating for the average Biblical student. Katie’s insights into the passages make it easy to see the character of God and His heart behind the verse. All of this in roughly 15 minutes a day. It’s a treasure!


I love this approach to studying the Bible! Katie offers the opportunity to dive in at all levels. I love her heart for studying the Greek and her suggestions make even this often intimidating study method, seem doable!


If you only do one Bible study this year, do this one! Katie has laid out a method for studying the Bible using one of the shorter books that allows you to really LEARN how to study the Bible. She shows us how to peel the layers of the onion, in only 15 minutes a day.