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This online women's Bible conference is designed to give you the tools, structure, and community you need to

dive deep into Scripture.


Through this Deep Dive  conference you will ...

  • Complete a verse-by-verse study of Romans 8
  • Establish stronger skills in Bible Study
  • Grow closer to God as you dig deep
  • Better understand one of the most jam-packed truth-filled chapters in the Bible

This conference has been the best investment I have made in my spiritual life. So many great videos. Can't wait for the next conference!

Enjoy God’s Word Conference Attendee

are you a bible nerd?

If you want to dig deep into the Word, together with a group of like-minded Christ-following women, you'll love this Enjoy God’s Word Deep Dive Conference.

Hey, there! I'm Katie Orr and I LOVE the Bible. I also LOVE helping women ENJOY the Bible. 

That's why I’m bringing together twelve Deep Dive teachers to lead us through Romans 8. We’re going to break it down into ten different passages, then study it verse-by-verse.

There will be dynamic, exegetical teaching through each passage followed by a live study session to dig deep and discuss. PLUS twelve additional breakout sessions.

(Of course, everything is recorded, so you can enjoy each session again and again at your leisure.)

You’ll receive everything you need for a next-level Bible study of one of the most jam-packed truth-filled chapters in the Bible.

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Your romans 8 deep dive ticket includes ...

  • Deep Dive teaching videos through Romans 8
  • Virtual study sessions with a vibrant community
  • Practical and devotional breakout sessions
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and study materials

Enjoy the conference when and where it's convenient for you.

  • Get a retreat with God from the comfort of your own home
  • Enjoy breakout sessions geared toward helping you know and enjoy the Bible better
  • Attend virtual study sessions through Romans 8
  • Interact with each deep dive teacher in the study sessions
  • On-demand, lifetime access to all conference recordings
  • Exclusive online community group where you will be able to discuss and ask questions
  • Digital conference notebook with listener's guides and actionable worksheets for each session


This fully online conference will provide you with everything you need to enjoy a deep dive of Romans chapter eight. Alongside a study structure and printables to guide the way, our Deep Dive Teachers will provide pre-recorded teachings to help you study verse-by-verse through the Romans 8 with confidence. 

All teachers hold to and will teach from these biblical, theologically conservative beliefs.

Katie Orr

Author of Secrets of the Happy Soul and FOCUSed15 Bible Studies, Bible Teacher, founder of the Bible Study Hub  / Master of Arts in Discipleship, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Historical Context & literary context romans 1-7

Through an introductory session, Katie will help us understand where Romans stands in regard to history — both  the general and biblical  historical context. 

Additionally, she will provide the literary context of what has been already communicated by Paul in Romans chapters 1-7.

Kim Campbell

Bible Teacher,  Podcast Host, and Artist / Master of Divinity in Christian Education, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Through an introductory session, Kim will help us better understand the context of Romans by looking at the cultural "waters" the author and audience of Romans were swimming in. 

Additionally, Kim will provide the literary context of the remaining chapters, Romans 9-16, so we can better understand the role Romans 8 plays in Paul purpose for penning the book of Romans.

Kasey Ewing

Author of God Enough / Minor in Religious Studies, Lifeway Women's Trainer

Romans 8:1-4 Deep Dive

Through the provision of Christ, the deserved condemnation due to our sin has been cancelled. In Christ, we you have been given freedom! This deep dive teaching will help you better understand the work of Christ on your behalf, and it's implications on your daily living.

Denise Pass

Bible Mindset Coach, Author of Make Up Your Mind and Shame Off You, Speaker, Worship Leader, and Podcaster / Master of Arts in Biblical Exposition, Pursuing  P.h.D. in Biblical Exposition 


Mindsets do not just happen—they are chosen—and God’s word is the key to unlocking our mindsets and transforming our minds. In this deep dive teaching,, you will learn how to recognize and overcome negative mindsets and how to choose the mind of Christ.

Brittany Ann

Founder of Equipping Godly Women, Speaker, Author


There's a war raging within us between the good we know we should do and the sin that sometimes looks more pleasing. BUT as Christians, we are no longer powerless to resist sin. In this deep dive teaching, you'll learn how better rely on the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to serve God beyond what we could do on our own.

Laura Krokos

Full Time Missionary to College Students, Founder of Missional Women


Once someone becomes a Christian there is a temptation to believe she now has to perform as a rock-star-perfect Christian . And yet this very thinking is why Paul called the Galatians foolish. This session will talk about where fruit like love, joy, peace, patience, self-control etc. come from and how you can see more of it in your life. (And just a hint, it’s not by trying harder.)

Natalia Drumm

Creator of Girlfriends in the Word™, Bible Teacher / Pursuing  M.A. in Christian Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary. 


Jesus came to reconcile us back to God through paying the penalty of our sin and breaking away the chains of sin which held us captive. Though we've been set free, we often find ourselves falling back in o the bondage of sin. This deep dive teaching give perspective on how to deal with this messy reality.

Lara Howard

Speaker and Author / Master of Divinity, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


When faced with suffering, it’s natural to get stuck in hopelessness as we set our eyes on our circumstances. This deep dive teaching will help us find courage and hope as we wait for Jesus’ return with eager expectation. 

Rachael Adams

Host of The Love Offering Podcast 


While we can be confident of our salvation, we have not fully received all of the benefits and blessings of being adopted into God's family. In this deep dive teaching, you will  be encouraged to place your confidence in His goodness and wisdom, as you wait for God’s eternal plan to unfold in His perfect timing.

Jennifer Lucy Tyler

Founder of SoulCircles Ministries / Simeon Trust Trained,  Bible Equipping Exposition Cohort, Pursuing Degree in Biblical Studies,  Regent University 


Life is full of heartbreak, tragedy, and destruction. Yet we are told that for those who are in Christ, God always has a plan and a purpose. In this deep dive teaching, you will be reminded of the reality that God can make even our suffering and sadness good.

Summer Saldana



It's one thing to know, intellectually, that through the life, death, and  resurrection of Christ we have been given access to God's love. But when life gets messy and hard, our circumstances begin to scream otherwise. In this deep dive teaching you will receive affirmation in the security of your salvation, which is held fast by the everlasting love of God. 

Jana White

Women's Ministry Director, Bible Teacher / Simeon Trust Trained,  Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Oftentimes we look at the opposition we face, uncertain of the outcome. But in Christ, we can be sure of the outcome. Through this deep dive teaching, you will see the abundant victory that is yours through the enduring security of Christ’s love.


In addition to the stellar Romans 8 Teaching Sessions, this Enjoy God's Word Deep Dive Conference also includes twelve practical and devotional Breakout Sessions geared to encourage and equip you in your pursuit of Jesus.

All teachers hold to and will teach from these biblical, theologically conservative beliefs.

Sandy Hafeez

Creator of Life Across The Table: Meaningful Conversations + Memorable Food / Minister for thirteen years on staff with Cru/Impact Movement

overcoming challenges to opening god's Word

Spending time in God’s Word consistently can be  a struggle. For some, a few practical tips can help in this area. Yet when those tips don't stick, some may need to do some digging into order to get to the root of the struggle. In this session, you'll learn a process that can help you uncover the true challenge behind your struggle to spend consistent time with God in His Word.

Vickey Banks

Author of Sharing His Secrets: Intimate Insights From the Women Who Knew Jesus, Women’s Ministry Director at Council Road Baptist / LifeWay Women’s Trainer

three secrets to deeper intimacy with god

Jesus was in the midst of teaching one Sabbath day when a woman caught His eye and He called her to come close. What He did and said to her has huge ramifications for us. In this session, we will take a look at this encounter to uncover her secrets to experiencing deeper intimacy with God. 

Kathy Howard

Author of the Deep Rooted devotional series, helping women live an Unshakeable Faith for Life / Master's in Christian Education, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary.

tips for handling difficult bible passages

There are many things we can and ought to do to ensure we come to the best possible understanding of a Bible passage. However, even with the best intentions and thorough study, we may still struggle to understand the one true meaning. In this workshop, we will look at a specific example and talk about some good study strategies we can employ to “clear the mud” when it comes to difficult passages.

Stacey Thacker

Author of Threadbare Prayer

how to forget fear

With a pandemic, war, financial instabilities, alongside the everyday worries for our loved ones, fear can easily rule our moments. When we give into fear, it pushes us toward self-sufficiency, worry, a distrust in God, and allows shame to hold us captive. In this session we'll look at what the Bible has to say about fear and how to fight it.

Eva Kubasiak

Host of the Bible Study Made Simple Podcast

the impact of bible reading on bible study

Ever try to read through the Bible in a year ... but stall out in Leviticus? In this session we'll look at the importance of reading through the Bible, with motivation, perspective, and tips that will fuel not only your Bible reading efforts, but also  your future Bible study.

Holly Knight

Author, Speaker, Worship Leader

the gift of emptiness

Each of us have empty places. It is easy to spend much time, money, and energy in an attempt to fill our voids and numb the pain, loss, and grief that comes with them. In this session we'll take a deeper look at our empty places, our efforts to fill them, and how emptiness can be a gift if we allow it to lead us to Jesus, who loves to fill empty things.


Arabah Joy & Jen Evangelista

Bible Teachers and Co-Owners of Sojo Academy

battle of the bible study methods

In this fun and unique session, Arabah and Jen will take three passages and look at six different ways to study them through a head-to-head competition. You'll get to watch different Bible study approaches get put to the test. Which technique will take the win?

Jamie S. Harper

Bible Teacher / Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Friends University

connecting heart, soul, and body to god's Love

Each of us are unique in the way we relate to God and others. Beyond the way we are wired, we also have different backgrounds and environments we grew up in which have shaped us profoundly. In this practical session, we'll look at how our unique stories shape our view of God, then apply what we learn to better connect every part of our being to God's love. 

Kasey Pratt

Founder of Anchored Women

simple ways to meditate on Scripture all day long

We all know that keeping God's Word close to our hearts is something we *should* do ... but how do we fit it in? What do we focus on? Why is this even important in the big scheme of things? In this session, we'll look at all of these questions and walk away with simple strategies for keeping Scripture at the forefront of our minds, all day long! 

Kim Campbell

Bible Teacher,  Podcast Host, and Artist / Master of Divinity in Christian Education, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Praying like jesus

Though we want to communicate with God, not one of us has a perfect prayer life. The Bible is filled with prayers we can learn from to help us in our struggles. In this session, we will walk through the Lord’s Prayer as a guide for regular praying. Then we'll look at how to use Scripture to fill in and fuel that template.

Katie Orr

Author of Secrets of the Happy Soul and FOCUSed15 Bible Studies, Bible Teacher, founder of the Bible Study Hub  / Master of Arts in Discipleship, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

How to consider the context of a passage

You've probably heard it’s important not to take a verse out of context. But what does that even mean … exactly? And how do we know when we’re in or out of context? In this session we’ll explore several different layers of context to consider while studying the Bible — and the tools to help us do it — in order to ensure we’re rightly understanding the Word of God.


A stellar event like this held at a conference center would be at least $170 a ticket. On top of that, you have to drive or buy a plane ticket to get there, pay for a hotel room and expensive meals for the three days you're away from home, bringing your total costs to at least $500.

A ticket to the Enjoy God's Word Online Conference is only $59!

Plus, you can watch all the sessions in your PJs.

The ladies explain things so well. They have taught me new ways of understanding Scripture.


Frequently Asked Questions


This fully online Bible conference includes two different types of sessions:  fifteen-minute Deep Dive Teachings and thirty-minute Breakout Sessions.

The fourteen Deep Dive Teachings are geared toward helping you take your verse-by-verse study of Romans 8 to the next level.

The twelve Breakout Sessions are practical and devotional teachings that will encourage and equip you in your walk with God.

There will also be online interactive study sessions for each of the ten Romans 8 passages we will be studying together.

Everything is recorded and you will have an all-access, on-demand, lifetime pass to all conference videos and printable resources, even after the conference begins.


The live study sessions will kick off the weekend of April 28th-30th, but the conference is open-ended, in that you can enjoy the sessions on-demand during the time and place that works for you. All Deep Dive Teachings and Breakout Sessions will be recorded, so you can enjoy the conference material again and again and again for years to thruogh your lifetime, on-demand, 24/7 access to all the conference recordings


This conference is 100% online within the Bible Study Hub community in a PRIVATE space just for conference attendees (on a platform called Circle). We will also use an app called Volley for even deeper discussions during our study sessions.

Your particular WHERE may be from your comfy chair in your PJs, at your kitchen sink while you wash dishes, during your commute to and from work, on your evening walk, or with a group of friends in your living room.


There are twenty-two Bible Teachers who will be teaching from the Word of God, sharing their stories, and providing their best tips to help you know, love, and apply the Bible to your life. In the past we've had over 500 women enjoying the Word together through this conference!


Full price tickets are $59 and include an all-access, on-demand, lifetime digital pass to the conference archives.


Many conference events have been cancelled and most churches are no longer doing women's retreats due to COVID. There is NO replacement for face-to-face interaction with our local church. But just because we can't gather like we used to, doesn't mean we have to give up on enjoying a dedicated time of the quality Bible teaching we've been missing.

There are SOOOO many benefits to setting aside time for the Word of God, but here are just a few of the particular benefits of this year's conference:

  • Spend more time in your Bible - The entire conference is geared to help you do just this!!
  • Have a deeper prayer life - There are a few sessions dedicated to how to pray and learning from the prayers in the Bible.
  • Grow your knowledge of the Bible - All sessions will propel you toward a deeper understanding of Scripture.
  • Enjoy a getaway with God - Setting aside time for the conference and going through the sessions will get you in your Bible and will lead to a deeper connection with God.
  • Be encouraged - Many sessions are geared toward helping you THRIVE in your season of life.
  • Find your purpose - We all wonder if we are doing this following-God-thing right, many sessions will help you see your God-given purpose for your life.
  • Receive refreshment from the pouring out of God - From the power of the Holy Spirit, to sacrifice of Christ, and the lavish love and infinite grace of God, through this conference, you will be reminded of all that God has poured out on to His people!


  1. Grab a ticket.
  2. Join the Bible Study Hub Community. (I'll send you a link and instructions right away!)
  3. Enjoy the teaching at your leisure (once the conference material arrives on 4/28/2022) again and again — at your convenience — for years to come.


Yes! You will have lifetime access to watch the recordings again and again.


Due to the digital nature of the event, we are unable to provide refunds. 


In the past, I have provided scholarships, but a high percentage of people gifted the conference didn't end up attending. I am no longer offering scholarship opportunities.


Yes! Whether it is a small group in your home or an event at church, we have several licensing options below for you to choose from. Learn all about it here.

A new offering from the Enjoy God’s Word family

For the past four years, the Enjoy God’s Word online conferences have provided you with that getaway with God you crave!

This Romans 8 Deep Dive is filled with the practical and devotional breakout sessions you love PLUS everything you need to support you through a verse-by-verse study of Scripture. 

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