Most of my posts come slowly. An idea in my head needs to be fleshed out through words, and it typically takes a while for me to make my words match my thoughts.

A few weeks back, on a plane to Dallas to be in a dear friend’s wedding, I found myself overwhelmed with mommy guilt. Yet almost instantaneously God spoke these words to me:

God is bigger than my greatest failure. He delights in me.

I already had my laptop out so I wrote as tears fell and my chance for crackers and a drink passed. A post was born in all of 10 minutes.

This post was written mostly as a letter to myself, but I’m sharing it today over at Hope for the Weary Mom. I’m so thankful for God’s abundance love, grace, and hope as He speaks again and again to my weary heart.

Join me over at Hope for the Weary Mom today to read my tear-stained hopeful post.

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