Now is a GREAT time to start stocking up on school supplies for Operation Christmas Child! We build our boxes together each year as a family and it is always so much fun.

The kids get so excited when we find out where our boxes were sent to!

So, grab a spare box and start filling it with school supplies while they are so cheap!

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  1. donna1425
    donna1425 says:

    OH! Slipped my mind this being August and all. Thanks for the reminder!! Just jotted this onto my to do list!

  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Publix has three for $1.00 Crayola 24 pack of crayons. After all these years, those are the best crayons out there; and don’t the kids deserve the best that is out there? This year i have really felt the conviction to not just fill our boxes with cheap stuff or dollar store items which are not always high quality but to really find things that are of true quality and durability. I want the toys we send these children to last for a long time. Doesn’t God ask for our best to be given.


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