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Study Description:

Everyday Peace—an easy-to-use, four-week study—will help you better understand how allow the peace of Christ rule your heart instead of anxiety, discontent, and relational dissension. In as few as 15 minutes a day, you will gain a new understanding of the powerful truths in Philippians 4:1-13 and learn how to study the Bible on your own along the way. Learn more at http://katieorr.me/peace/.

Study Excerpts:

The presence of God’s peace in my life is the opposite of anxiety. As long as I live on this sin-scorched earth, I will encounter continual and legitimate causes for moments, even seasons of stress. The fight for peace is won as I remember—regardless of what I feel and what I can or cannot see—the victory is already won and my Commander is powerful, mighty to save. — Everyday Peace excerpt

One day, when we meet Jesus face-to-face in heaven, our daily fears, woes, and worries will be obliterated. Until then, we must learn how to experience the promised peace of God through enjoying the presence of the God who calms every fear, banishes every doubt, and soothes every heartbreak. — Everyday Peace excerpt

God keeps my tears in a bottle. He counts my every tossing. He also knows every hair on my head (Matthew 10:30) and every move I make (Psalm 139:2).

He is lovingly near, not apathetically distant.

He is intimately acquainted, not carelessly detached.

He is powerfully proficient, not totally incapable.

I must fight for this view of God. Because, though it is who the God of the Bible is, it is not always the God I depict in my mind’s eye. — Everyday Peace excerpt

A quick glance at today’s news, my schedule, maybe even my bank account, causes me to begin experiencing distress. I cannot escape the weights of this world, but I do have a choice in how I respond.

Regardless of its source, I experience anxiety when I ignore who God is. When I forget the power, grace, perspective, and love He freely gives, I have no choice but to take the stressors upon myself.

This self-dependence leads to anxiety—the negative cycle of overwhelming pressure and utter hopelessness—which proceed to drive and dictate my heart and mind.

This anxiety feedback loop is a result of leaving God out of the stress equation. — Everyday Peace excerpt


Everyday peace is a gift—learn to defend it relentlessly. @TheKatieOrr ‘s #FOCUSed15 study will show you how >> http://katieorr.me/peace

Everyday peace is within reach through our faithful, generous God. @TheKatieOrr #FOCUSed15 http://katieorr.me/peace

My anxious thoughts can be captured and calmed through the presence and provision of Jesus. @TheKatieOrr #FOCUSed15 http://katieorr.me/peace

A peace-filled mind is a result of an accurate view of God. Renew your mind with this >> #FOCUSed15 @thekatieorr  http://katieorr.me/peace

Experience the peace of God through enjoying His presence. Learn more about @thekatieorr ‘s new #FOCUSed15 study: http://katieorr.me/peace

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