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Study Description:

Most of us know that our lives have purpose. But somehow day-to-day moments cloud our perspective and we lose sight of God’s grace and purpose for our lives. Everyday Obedience, an easy-to-use, four-week study will help you better understand the correlation of how God’s grace coupled with your obedience leads you to unexpected freedom as you walk forward in holy living. In as few as 15 minutes a day, discover God’s purpose for you as offered through Colossians 3:1-17. As you gain new understanding of the rich truths of these verses, you will soon find yourself longing to respond to God’s grace through joyful obedience to Him.

  • Step away from the wearisome, try-harder life and learn how rest-filled obedience can be the reality of your days.
  • Break through surface-level Bible study to experience a deep and transformational time in God’s Word in as little as 15 minutes a day.
  • Quit trying to prove yourself worthy of God’s love and learn how to walk forward into obedient worship as a way of everyday living.
  • Let go of the lifestyle of guilt-based behavior and discover the secret to a joy-filled, shame-free everyday obedience.
  • Overcome the feeling of intimidation and develop confidence through a quick yet effective approach to Bible study.

Learn more at katieorr.me/obedience.

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