Uncover the Real and Lasting Way to Happiness

Even if you’re not one of those “naturally happy” people.

Does it seem like everyone else has it all figured out? They seem rise above the circumstances and distractions of life and remain consistently happy. For the rest of us, the pursuit of lasting happiness can be exhausting.

Even if you’ve tried so hard to be happier.

Are you sick of chasing an elusive ideal? Do you feel that matter how hard you try, dissatisfaction and discouragement inevitably return?

Let me show you the true path to happiness. In Secrets of the Happy Soul, I’ll share six clear ways to nurture the Happy Soul already within you.

Through key teachings from the Psalms,

Secrets of the Happy Soul will help you:

  • seek God in everyday moments

  • grow your resolve to follow His way

  • cultivate a growing love for God’s Word

  • develop a deep-rooted relationship with God

  • be confident in God’s will for your life

  • surrender to the Lord and experience the daily delights found in His presence.