I’m headed to Jacksonville for a Cru women’s retreat this weekend! I am excited to be back in my old stomping grounds, and thrilled for the opportunity to teach from the Word.

I’m going to be teaching out of the Psalms, in keeping with the Run to Him theme. I have just LOVED diving into the Psalms.

This weekend we will be studying Psalm 1, 46, and 143. We will start first with doing some evaluation on WHERE we are running, through Psalm 1. Then we will take a look at the character of WHO the God is that we are running to, as portrayed in Psalm 46. Lastly, I hope to leave them with some concrete WAYS to run to Him.

Where are you running?

I love the picture of “the blessed man” in Psalm 1. This passage is a great evaluator of whether or not we are truly running to Him! We can be doing all the “right” things, but still not be leaning on Him for all that we need. It is only when we are like the flourishing, fruitful tree—utterly dependent on the stream it is rooted in—that we will see the blessings of walking closely with our Lord.

Where are you running, friends? When you are tired and weary? When you are disappointed and dissatisfied with life?

Is it to Him—or is it to someone (or something) else?

What are you delighting in? What brings you pleasure? Is it His Word—or in the thrills and comforts this world has to offer?

What are you meditating on? What can’t you stop talking about?  Is it Him that invades your every thought—or is your mind filled with the worries of the day, the agenda of the media, or consumed by self?

“Running” Resources

If you feel as if you can use some help in running to Him (don’t we all?!) here are a few things I’d love for you to check out:

  • Savoring Living Water: How to have an effective quiet time – If you need help in knowing HOW to connect with God—what to do when you sit down to spend time in the Bible—Savoring Living Water was written just for you. Our second edition has just been released, and it includes a bonus bookmark.
  • Do Not Depart: Encouragement and tools to abide in the Word – We have just recently merged with another site, Scripture Dig, and now there are more resources than ever; all under one “roof.”
  • Focused15 – I am THRILLED to announce a new series of Bible Studies! I just got the site up yesterday, and I am hoping to have the first study available in a few weeks! These studies will be similar to the studies we’ve written for the Maximize Your Mornings challenge, and will help you move to the next level in your personal Bible study!

15 minute Bible Study

What is the biggest hindrance for you, in your efforts to run to God? What tools would be helpful? Do you feel as if you are “well-watered” or dry and thirsty?

I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

(I’m over at Do Not Depart today, sharing the latest of my scripture memory efforts! Come and watch?)




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  1. Julie Reynolds
    Julie Reynolds says:

    Katie, I have felt led to lead our womens ministry in a Bibke study focusing on developing their quiet time, so many don’t differentiate between reading and spending time with Jesus. Any suggestions?

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Hey Julie!
      Savoring Living Water works well as a study! I have actually led a group of women in my church through it, and have started on a Leader’s guide for it. I can send you what I have so far, if you are interested! We have hard copies of the book now, and it breaks down easily into a 7 or 8 week study. Or, you can combine chapters if you want to make it shorter. Just let me know!

      Another suggestion, would be to choose a study that you have done yourself and enjoyed, that would require them to study, and not just read. Kay Arthur’s inductive study series are good ones.

      You are welcome to use any of our free studies, like Run to Him. A big goal in the study if for them to walk away with a few tools they need to study God’s word on their own!

      Let me know which you are interested in and I can get you more info!

  2. Julie Reynolds
    Julie Reynolds says:

    Hi Katie – I would love to have what you have for a leader’s guide – it would be a huge help to me. I also need to know what I need to pay you and Lara to make copies of the companion journal for my ladies from my digital download or is that allowed? If not just let me know what it would cost to get 20 copies.

    I think I am going to use the study on Philippians that we did a while back – still praying.

    Thanks so much for your help – looking forward to your focused 15 studies!

  3. Julie Reynolds
    Julie Reynolds says:

    also, I am thinking that I will do both the SLW and the Philippians study together – maybe using half our time to go through a chapter or two and the rest to disect that weeks verses of Philippians. What do you think?

    So interested to have your thoughts.


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