Proverbs Bible Study Pack

31 Days in Proverbs – Bible Study for Beginners

proverbs bible study

proverbs bible study

proverbs bible study

proverbs bible study

Proverbs Bible Study

Stop believing that Bible study is out of reach.

It’s not. Even if you have zero experience studying the Bible (or several failed attempts). With a bit a practice, you can open your Bible and understand what’s on the page.

FLEX 3-6-9 Study System

Bible Study for Beginners

This easy-to-use, approachable study method will get you studying your Bible right away. Starting with just 3 minutes of study a day, FLEX 3-6-9 will show you how to study any passage in Scripture.

Learn a Beginner’s Approach to Bible Study

  • Easy Start – At just 3 minutes of Bible study a day, this is a great place to start.
  • Incremental Steps – Through small baby steps you’ll learn how to open the Bible, ask the right questions, and begin to understand what it means.
  • Flexible Time – Depending on how much time you have in your day, you can study more or less.
  • Transferrable Method – From Genesis to Revelation, this method can be used to study every type of book of the Bible.
  • Strengthens Skills – You’ll learn how to study the Bible on your own.

This brand-new resource is available in the Proverbs Study pack. More FLEX 3-6-9 resources coming soon!

Proverbs Bible Study

Discover small yet intentional steps toward meaningful Bible study.

Starting with just a few verses a day, you’ll learn how to start flexing your Bible study muscles through a super-easy, super-flexible tool you can use to study God’s Word.

Proverbs Bible Study

Get immediate access to the Proverbs Study Pack

This digital bundle will give you lifetime access to the Proverbs reading plan, printable worksheets, and the FLEX 3-6-9 study tool for beginners—everything you need to start your Bible study journey.

What’s Inside the Proverbs Study Pack

Proverbs Bible Study Proverbs Bible Study