I’m excited to share this free devotional with you all.

Joy in All Circumstances Devotional

Lara and I have partnered with The Seed Company for over three years now. Through the sales of Savoring Living Water, it has been an honor to be a small part of what God is doing through this amazing organization.

I love their mission to bring the Word of God to all nations, in their mother tongue.

End Bible poverty.

This mission includes even those of us with the Bible in their language, but a poverty nonetheless.

You and I sometimes live as if we are Bible-poor. We are surrounded by a feast of truth, but choose to let it remain on the table instead of being nourished daily by it.

Joy in All Circumstances is a quick, yet encouraging devotional prayer guide which will point to your need for Christ through difficult times. And it is free! Just click here to download the free devotional. I contributed one of the devotional days, as did Lara, and many, many more Word-girls.

Oh, and I received a very fun phone call from The Seed Company, just last month, to inform that the Vidunda project has been completely funded! When we started giving toward the Vidunda New Testament, they were in Matthew. The Vidunda people now have a complete New Testament in their heart language. So exciting!

Please check out The Seed Company, and say a prayer for bibleless while you are there! (And if you want to give to The Seed Company, you can do so here and help us bring the Word of God to yet another people group.)

Have you heard of The Seed Company before?

Could you use some joy in your circumstance?

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