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I slept in most of last week.


Early on into our marriage my husband made an observation about me.

Whether or not I’ve had a “good” day has much to do with whether or not I’ve been productive; if I have accomplished much then I feel great about my day. Rest is a struggle for me. Yet sometimes it is the very task that should be on the top of my list.

There are days where I find my list of to-dos checked and completed and I feel accomplished and fulfilled.

And then there are the days where the list is ignored and my cozy bed wins and it is easy to feel worthless and discouraged at the end of those days.

Allergies hit me hard last week along with some lovely dental work I had done which left me hurting for days. I didn’t accomplished many of the tasks pressing in on me. No blogs posts up. Little admin done. No HelloMornings time. A wrecked house. Two of my gym classes missed.

My lists flew out the window last week.

Too often I look back on my days and see them as a failure if I didn’t make it through the boxes waiting to be checked.

Yet, I spent great time with each of the kids this week. I got a lunch date with my man. A tiny bit of housework was completed. And though I wasn’t in the Bible as much as I like, communion with Him was not broken. I achieved some much needed rest.

I will always be a list-maker; it’s how God created me. An achiever ready to accomplish all I set my mind to. But I do want my lists to always include people.

And rest.

Do you struggle with allowing yourself time to rest and enjoy those God has placed around you? 


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  1. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Such a good word, Katie. I am such a list maker and perfectionist! God is turning all that on it’s head, though. I am not having good time with Him (because I am doing the urgent, not the important, getting through my list but not staying connected to Him in my busyness) and no matter how much I get done, I go to bed at night feeling like a failure because I didn’t meet with Him and tried everything in my own strength. I got so much accomplished this weekend but neglected the Word and I feel like a wreck. May God make all us list makers BE STILL!

  2. Mary Ann Grimshaw
    Mary Ann Grimshaw says:

    Would you consider being a guest writer for my blog? MarriageCommitments on Facebook? I love your writing and would feel it an honor if you would agree to do so. Or could I copy this post and put it in there of course saying it was from you?

  3. Heather Dresen
    Heather Dresen says:

    I am the same way, but lately I have been choosing rest whenever I can. I need to save my energy for my kids and husband. I do have trouble taking naps because I just lay there and think of all that needs to be done.

    • Katie Orr
      Katie Orr says:

      Ugh. That is the worst feeling. I often do that at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. Something that helps me it to pull out a piece of paper and jot down what I am thinking about. It allows my mind to rest so I can fall asleep!

  4. Stacie C.
    Stacie C. says:

    Oh my! You just summed up my entire last few years! Thank you for putting my thoughts into words. Glad I’m not alone in this push to accomplish my to-do’s and maintain balance with God, family and work. Thank you for sharing!

    • Katie Orr
      Katie Orr says:

      You are certainly not alone. 🙂 I think finding balance will be a life-long pursuit. Thankful for His grace and guidance and we seek it out.

  5. Elizabeth Anne May
    Elizabeth Anne May says:

    Oh, friend, I think perhaps we are long-lost twins in this regard. How I love to check off my tidy list of to-dos. Glad you got the much-needed rest AND kept it all in perspective 🙂

    • Katie Orr
      Katie Orr says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth Anne. I think as we choose to obey in the little moments of how to spend our time the Lord honors those moments and multiplies our time. It often feels like I am choosing people over control, but am always glad when I choose people. 🙂


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