I am continuing to enjoy this Project:Simplify. I’ll be honest though, this week I was not too thrilled about this week’s hot spot reveal. Paper clutter. Ugh. 

After doing the challenge, I have realized that I already have some great systems in place for paper clutter…I just don’t follow through with the plans!

Need proof?
My workstation:
This is a combination sewing room and office, all along a ten foot wall. It is about 18 inches deep. I love it but it is usually over-flowing with clutter.


Wanna see my results?!
I thought it would be easier (and more fun!) to do a video.
Here is our display for artwork, which I referred to in the video. This is their “activity station” where we do crafts, puzzles, etc. I originally saw this idea years ago, at our church in Atlanta. We’ve had one ever since. It is a great way to easily display (proudly!) their creations, without covering the fridge. I would love to get some more substantial rods someday. But these cafe rods have worked great (when the kids are not hanging on them!) 

How do you tackle paper clutter? Would love to hear your tips.
Be sure to check out all the before and after photos over at Project:Simplify!

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  1. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    I LOVE the cafe curtain rods for the kids artwork! I'm going to go get some and hang them right away. Thanks so much for the great organizing ideas.


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