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Everyday Women Enjoying God's Word 

Join us on

OCTOBER 1-2, 2021

for the 4th annual

This conference has been the best investment I have made in my spiritual life. So many great videos. Can't wait for the next conference!

2019 Conference Attendee

This fully virtual conference will help you better enjoy, understand, and apply God's Word.

Through this women's conference on October 1-2, 2021 you can:

  • Spend more time in your Bible
  • Feel more connected with God
  • Have a deeper prayer life
  • Grow your knowledge of the Bible

Kick-start a new season in your relationship with God

We all want to make our relationship with God our #1 priority — but in this go-go-go world we live in, it’s hard to fit it all in! 

Sometimes we need a get-away so we can get back to what matters.

We need a retreat.

We need a re-alignment.

We need a re-boot.

The Enjoy God’s Word conference is designed to give you that getaway with God you crave!


A stellar event like this held at a conference center would be at least $170 a ticket. On top of that, you have to drive or buy a plane ticket to get there, pay for a hotel room and expensive meals for the three days you're away from home.

A ticket to the Enjoy God's Word Online Conference is only $49.

Plus, you can watch all the sessions in your PJs.

Can't make all the times? no worries! Each session will be pre-recorded and available for you to watch again and again for years to come. All live discussions will be recorded and available for replay as well.

Enjoy the conference when and where it's convenient for you.

  • Get away with God from the comfort of your own home
  • Enjoy over 20 breakout sessions geared toward helping you know and enjoy the Bible better
  • Interact with each breakout speaker through live Q&A sessions
  • On-demand, lifetime access to all conference recordings
  • Exclusive online community group where you will be able to discuss and ask questions
  • Digital conference notebook with listener's guides and actionable worksheets for each session

I was in tears and I love that I can watch over and over again . . . forever!

2020 Conference Attendee


OCTOBER 1-2, 2021

Each speaker will bring you a well-prepared, gospel-centered, thirty-minute session. If you are looking for a community filled with like-minded women who want to grow in their knowledge of God — this is the place to be! You will get the chance to interact with other attendees to discuss what you are learning, asking questions, and chat LIVE with each speaker after their session!

Alnesha Wilson

Amy Hale

Andrea Lennon

Angie Elkins

Brenda Croston

Courtney Moore

Denise Hughes

Erin H. Warren

Eva Kubasiak

Kat Lee

Kathy Howard

Katie Orr

Kayla Reichard

Kimberly Campbell

Laura Krokos


Marshelle Jackson Wilburn

Natalia Drumm

Rachael Adams

Rebekah Hargraves

Shari Edwards

Stacey Thacker

Summer Saldana

Teri Lynne Underwood

The ladies explain things so well. They have taught me new ways of understanding Scripture.

2020 Conference Attendee


OCTOBER 1-2, 2021

This conference includes two types of sessions:

MAIN SESSIONS - These twenty-four pre-recorded teaching sessions will arrive to ticket holders a FULL WEEK before the conference! This gives you time to begin watching and enjoying the content so you can prepare for the live Q&A sessions.

LIVE Q&A SESSIONS - These live interactive sessions will take place October 1-2, 2021 according to the schedule below. This is when we will gather together with each speaker for a Q&A about their main session. As a ticket holder, you will get an opportunity to ask questions of the speaker and chat in the comments.

SESSION 1: October 1 at 9 AM


Do you wonder if your little offerings make a difference? In this session Rachael will help us understand how to pour out whatever God has given us and watch how He uses it to impact the Kingdom for His glory! Because in God's economy a little goes a long way.

SESSION 2: October 1 at 10 AM

Erin H. Warren

Tired. Weary. Empty. Nothing left. Stuck. Alone. These are the words that we often use to describe the hard seasons (ahem, 2020 and 2021), but surprisingly, we are not there by accident. In His goodness, God allows hard times and it is often in these places where we are poised to see who God is in a way we wouldn’t otherwise. 

SESSION 3: October 1 at 11 AM

Rebekah Hargraves

Do you ever feel like you want to enjoy God's Word, but you don't know where to start? Maybe you don't know how to study the Bible or don't know how to fit in regular Bible study into your daily life as a busy woman. This session will help you walk away feeling equipped and encouraged to study God's Word for yourself - right in the midst of your busy life! Learn to enjoy God's Word, right here, right now.

SESSION 4: October 1 at 12 pM

Shari Edwards

In this session, we'll take a peek at Jesus' interactions in the New Testament with the community around Him, with a view toward how we walk in his footsteps. 

SESSION 5: October 1 at 2 pM


How can we pour out when we are running on empty? In this session, we'll explore the relationship between Elijah and the widow of Zarapheth and discover three truths about how we can continue to pour out even in the seasons when we are completely tapped out.

SESSION 6: October 1 at 3 pM


God doesn't always remove the difficulties from our lives, but He always sustains us with His grace. Through Paul's life and his second letter to the Corinthians, we will see how God pours out His presence, His provision, and His power in our lives.

SESSION 7: October 1 at 4 pM

Natalia Drumm 

In this session, Natalia will talk about how we can be powerful women of faith in our everyday lives by surrendering what we hold in front of us to a God who seeks to pour out His power and presence through His people today. We will examine the repeating trait of obedience and availability evidenced in the lives of faith heroes and discuss how being surrendered and obedient to God today can change the course of our tomorrow. 

SESSION 8: October 1 at 6 pM

Courtney Moore

We often think of worship in terms of what we do on Sunday mornings through the leading of our church's worship band. But God has designed us for so much more, and He is worthy of every area of our lives being pointed back to Him in adoration and praise. Come learn with Courtney how God's people in the Old Testament offered all they had, even their skills and talents, to the Lord as an act of worship. You will be inspired and encouraged to pour all of yourself out to our worthy King!

SESSION 9: October 1 at 7 pM

Summer Saldana

You were created by God on purpose, with great purpose: to bring Him glory. This is a high and holy calling! In this session, Summer will help us look at practical ways we can be good stewards of the purpose He's given us as image-bearers for His fame. 

SESSION 10: October 1 at 8 pM

Kimberly Campbell

Through the work of Christ on the cross we have been given VIP Access to God. We can now experience secure peace, lavish grace, and enduring hope in our days. This session will help you understand how to live in confidence and security because of the amazing access you already have through Christ.

SESSION 11: October 2 at 10 AM

Denise Hughes

In this session we'll take a deeper look at the significance of Jesus' death on the cross where He poured out His life for us to give us eternal life.

SESSION 12: October 2 at 11 AM

Eva Kubasiak

Need help in your prayer life? There are loads of prayers right in the Bible that we can learn from. In this practical session, Eva will break down the different types of prayers found in the Bible and how we can adapt those prayers to our own life. 

SESSION 13: October 2 at 12 pM


Check back for more info soon!

SESSION 14: October 2 at 2 pM

Marshelle Wilburn

Session details coming soon!

SESSION 15: October 2 at 3 pM

Kayla Reichard

Sometimes we believe there is no space for grief or disappointment in our relationship with God. We may or may not know it’s there, but it’s affecting us one way or another. Using Psalm 42 as a template, we’re going to dig into what it looks like to wrestle with our pain while not walking away from God’s presence.


Amy Hale 

Are you overwhelmed by all the bad news we’re hearing these days? Does it make you feel powerless to do anything about it?  Join Amy in this session as she takes a close look at Nehemiah’s remarkable response to bad news and how the tears he poured out were actually the catalyst for restoration and revival for a nation in ruins.

SESSION 17: October 2 at 6 pM

Laura Krokos

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul talks about being poured out as a drink offering. But what does this mean? And is this something that we should try to be as well? Join Laura as she explores what the life of a one "poured out" might look like. 

SESSION 18: October 2 at 7 pM

Brenda M. Croston

Long, long ago the Lord promised to send His Spirit — to pour out His presence on all who call on His name. Join Brenda as she takes a deeper dive into this prophecy in Joel and its implications for us today.


Angie Elkins

In this teaching, Angie Elkins tells the story of how her God-Given dream needed to die.  She compares the germination process of the seed with the way the power of the Holy Spirit works in our lives to give us all we need to align our will with His and experience new life and growth.


Stacey Thacker

No one wants to be found on empty. But what if being empty ends up being the very place that transformation begins? Join Stacey as she takes a fresh look at being completely depleted and poured out. Emptiness is not a problem. It is an opportunity and starting point for being an available vessel.


Katie Orr

The thought of studying another language can be in-ti-mi-da-ting. Yet, understanding more of the original biblical languages can open up our understanding of Scripture. Join Katie as she shares some tips for how to dive into the original words of the Bible.  


Andrea Lennon

Do you feel stuck in your walk with God? In this session, Andrea shares down to earth ways to jump-start spiritual growth in your daily life. You don’t have to settle for an ordinary relationship with God that is about doing all. the. things. You can thrive spiritually with the help of these easy-to-implement game changers for your daily walk with God!

SPecial interview

Kat Lee 

Join Kat Lee and Katie Orr for a super-practical session all about building habits around the things we want to prioritize more in our lives.

SPecial interview

Marjorie Crawford

100% of us will experience plot twists in our lives. Yet most times, the unexpected sweeps in and leaves us shattered and stunned. Join Katie Orr as she interviews Marjorie to hear about her journey through an unexpected life-threatening diagnosis and the lessons learned along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions


This 2-day, fully online Bible conference includes twenty-four stellar thirty-minute Main Sessions and live interactive Q&A Sessions with the conference speakers. Your conference ticket grants you an all-access, on-demand, lifetime pass to all conference videos and printable resources. 


This year's theme is "Poured Out." Most sessions will have a focus on  various Bible passages related to this theme. There will also be practical sessions that will give you the tools you need to walk with God for a lifetime. 


October 1-2, 2021. Kinda.

I say kinda because you'll actually get all the truth-filled Main Sessions delivered to you a full week before the conference technically starts. The live broadcasts will be October 1-2, 2021 and we'll have a few fun celebrations along the way. But the conference only begins then! You can enjoy the conference material again and again and again for years to come as you'll have lifetime, on-demand access to all the conference recordings


This conference is 100% online within the Bible Study Hub community in a PRIVATE space just for conference attendees (on a platform called Circle). There will be an exclusive space available only to ticket holders of the 2021 Enjoy God’s Word conference.

Your particular WHERE may be from your comfy chair in your PJs, at your kitchen sink while you wash dishes, during your commute to and from work, on your evening walk, or with a group of friends in your living room. (Yes! We have small group and church licensing options - just scroll down to the bottom of the page here.)


There are twenty-four women who will be teaching from the Word of God, sharing their stories, and providing their best tips to help you know, love, and apply the Bible to your life. We already have almost 500 women will be enjoying the Word together through this conference!]


Tickets are $49 and include an all-access, on-demand, lifetime digital pass to the conference.


Many conference events have been cancelled and most churches are no longer doing women's retreats due to COVID. There is NO replacement for face-to-face interaction with our local church. But just because we can't gather like we used to, doesn't mean we have to give up on enjoying a dedicated time of the quality Bible teaching we've been missing.

There are SOOOO many benefits to setting aside time for the Word of God, but here are just a few of the particular benefits of this year's conference:

  • Spend more time in your Bible - The entire conference is geared to help you do just this!!
  • Have a deeper prayer life - there are a few sessions dedicated to how to pray and learning from the prayers in the Bible.
  • Grow your knowledge of the Bible - From how to do a Greek and Hebrew word study, to
  • Enjoy a getaway with God - setting aside time for the conference and going through the sessions will get you in your Bible and will lead to a deeper connection with God.
  • Be encouraged - many sessions are geared toward helping you THRIVE in your season of life.
  • Find your purpose - we all wonder if we are doing this following-God-thing right. Several sessions are geared toward helping you pour out your life in a God-honoring way.
  • Receive refreshment from the pouring out of God - From the power of the Holy Spirit, to sacrifice of Christ, and the lavish love and infinite grace of God, through this conference, you will be reminded of all that God has poured out on to His people!


  1. Grab a ticket.
  2. Join the Bible Study Hub. (I'll send you a link and instructions right away!)
  3. Look for the Main Sessions to arrive on September 24th.
  4. Enjoy the teaching at your leisure.
  5. Join us for the live fun on October 1-2.
  6. Enjoy the conference material again and again — at your convenience — for years to come.


Yes! You will have lifetime access to watch the recordings again and again.


Due to the nature of the live digital event, we are unable to provide refunds. 


Yes! We recognize that many are struggling financially during this time and we want to be able to help.

  Click here to learn more and apply for a scholarship.


I would love to bless our missionaries, pastor’s wives, and ministers who often struggle to make ends meet.

They POUR OUT so much of their lives for the sake of the gospel and for the sake of the building up of the body of Christ. Yet they often struggle to find ways to be refreshed and poured into.

All missionaries, pastor’s wives, and other full-time Christian ministers can get a ticket to this year’s conference for $15 with the code MINISTRY2021. Look for the coupon code field at the bottom of the checkout page.



You missed out!

small Group & church events

Looking to become an Enjoy God’s Word hostess? We LOVE the local church and encourage you to gather a group in your "real life" context. Whether it is a small group in your home or an event at church, we have several licensing options below for you to choose from. 

Small Group License

Lifetime access to utilize conference videos and printable resources to use in one small group for up to 15 participants. Includes one login for group hostess.

Small Church License

Lifetime access to broadcast conference videos and utilize printable resources at any live church event for up to 50 participants. Includes three logins for church leaders.

Large Church License

Lifetime access to utilize conference videos and printable resources at any live church event for over 50 participants. Includes five logins for church leaders.

small Group & church events


This 2-day, fully online Bible conference includes twenty-four stellar thirty-minute Main Sessions and live interactive Q&A Sessions with the conference speakers. Your conference ticket grants you an all-access, on-demand, lifetime pass to all conference videos and printable resources.

All options include lifetime access to the 24 main sessions and live Q&A recordings to use in your local setting.

There will be two sets of videos available for streaming and download:

       1) The main sessions which are pre-recorded and will be available on demand the week before the conference

       2) The live Q&As about the main sessions with the speakers which will follow the schedule above during the October 1-2 timeframe

There will be a conference notebook with practical handouts for each session and your license includes permission  to print out copies for your ladies.

A 30 minute coaching call with Katie is also included to help you brainstorm how to best utilize the conference for your local ministry.


The group and church licenses gives you access to utilize conference videos and printable resources to use in the context of your small group or church for the allowed number of participants for your particular license. Depending on the license, you will have one or more logins available for the hostess(es) of your local group.

  • Small Group - Up to 15 participants. One group hostess login.
  • Small Church - Up to 50 participants. Three logins for church leaders.
  • Large Church - Over 50 participants.  Five logins for church leaders.

If individuals in your local group would like their own personal login — which would give them  on-demand, lifetime access to all conference materials — they would need to purchase a personal ticket. Group members can receive a 50% discount off a personal ticket. Once you have purchased a  license, a coupon code for you to use with your women will be sent out to you.


As a group/church license holder, you will have lifetime access to all conference materials and can use the sessions for multiple small group meetings. You will be able to use the sessions in a way that best fits your local ministry. You can watch the live sessions together as a group in "real time" on October 1-2 or at a time that works better for your group. It can be for a retreat-like event, several events spread out over time, and/or in small group settings! 

So, if you wanted to watch a video together each week over several months, you could do that!

Or maybe you'd like to take a few Saturdays throughout the year and have little mini-retreats to watch three or four videos together. That would work, too.

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