Grow closer to God in 2022 

through a next-level study of Romans 1-4

Romans 1-4

Online Bible Study

This digital Bible Study Pack provides the coaching, structure, and tools you need for a next-level, four-week Bible study through the first four chapters in Romans.

Want a peek inside? 

Watch the Week One Coaching Video:


Crush  Confusion

Instead of points to ponder and blanks to fill in, you'll receive the coaching you need to read the Word and understand what it means

From coaching videos to cheat sheets, this Pack is centered around helping you level-up your Bible study

overcome  overwhelm

Avoid overwhelm and drop out by tailoring your Bible study experience to what you have time for,


All the while you'll learn to build your Bible study muscles through small yet significant Bible study steps that will teach you how to study any book of the Bible with confidence.

ditch detachment

This  Pack is housed within a community filled with women like you who want to grow closer to Jesus through deeper time in the Bible.

We have daily check-ins where you can receive accountability and encouragement to keep your eyes on Jesus.

I feel a new level of confidence that I can do this! Thank you!


These studies have truly helped me transform the way I see my Bible and how to study. I am so enthusiastic about Bible study now! 


Thank you! I wish I had found you years ago!



  • Study steps to help you better understand the background of the book of Romans
  • Four-week customizable study plan to dive deep into Romans 1-4
  • Digital printables for you personalize your study journey to fit your schedule and skill
  • Training on how to start flexing your Bible study muscles
  • Daily check-ins in a Christ-centered community for accountability and encouragement
  • "Cheat sheets" to give you immediate feedback
  • Helpful commentary for some of the tricker passages


  •  BONUS: How to AMP Your Bible Study Training eCourse ($27 Value)
  • BONUS: Digital Scripture art prints ($25 Value)

I have learned so much from you on how to study for myself.


Katie's studies are so important to me. I was in Bible Study Fellowship for thirty years so I am not a newbie but since August I have learned so much from you on how to study for myself. I started using the "three P's" in Esther and it made all the difference!

Instead of feeling confused, I now feel confident!


Over the years I have taken a lot of great studies, but I always felt stuck when they ended. I struggled with feeling overwhelmed when opening up the Bible on my own. That has changed with Katie's help. Not only do her studies lead me through Scripture, but she has also given me tools to dig into God's word on my own. Instead of feeling confused, I now feel confident!