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The Book of Philippians is full of needed truth for our everyday. Through a 6-session teaching series, Katie will lead you through the key themes and important details of this practical and inspirational elements of Philippians.

Learn how to stop complaining about your circumstances, quit comparing yourself to others, and start allowing God’s Word to give you new perspective.

We live in a culture that pushes us to find identity in a title or position, often with little consideration for purpose. We were each created in God’s image, and created to be workers for something greater than ourselves. This session will consider what Scripture has to say about individual calling in the kingdom of God.

In today’s culture, it’s tempting to use the world’s tactics to fight a spiritual battle. But we can be gracious witnesses by showing the world what we are “for” instead of what we’re “against.” We’ll explore 5 practical ways to share Jesus and counter a godless culture.

Do you want to be a woman who walks worthy of her calling in Christ? No matter where we are in our walks with Christ we need understand that Grace walks into our life with transforming Gospel-centered truth. Based on Ephesians Chapter one, this talk will encourage you to keep walking with Grace.

Heather will examine Scripture to reveal what the Bible has to say about the authority we have been given as followers of Christ. She will share a variety of Biblically-based prayer tools to bless those around you every day.

Intimidated by the Bible? In this session you’ll learn how to see the “meta-narrative” of Scripture—the grand, big-picture story for the Bible. See how every single story in the Bible fit together with each other.

Learn how to discover the hidden blessings and powerful lessons in your lonely seasons of life, through God’s greater perspective.

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