Katie’s messages were focused on Truth shared in practical & applicable ways.

Ashley Allen
Ashley AllenDirector of Embrace Women’s Missions and Ministries

She left me reminded of who I am in light of who Christ is and saying, “God is so good.”

Rachel Riquelme
Rachel RiquelmeWomen’s Ministry Director

Katie did a great job. Our women loved her!

Pat Ingram
Pat IngramAlabama Baptist Missions & Ministry Consultant

Katie used humor as well as points we could easily remember.

Joy Bolton
Joy BoltonKentucky WMU Executive Director

We love her genuine, every day, real life message.

Jacqueline Zeller
Jacqueline ZellerAlton Christian Women’s Fellowship

Hi, there! I’m Katie.

love conferences and retreats! I’ve seen God move mightily through these gatherings and it is an honor to be a part of them. If our schedules fit, you can expect a well-prepared, Word-centric, Spirit-led teaching talk for you and your women.

From compelling keynote Bible-teaching sessions addressed to hundreds of women, to practical equipping breakouts where I teach women how to dive into the Bible for themselves, I have decades of speaking and teaching experience, and I LOVE every minute of it.

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What I Teach


Why do people make such a big deal about theology? Do I really need to pay attention to it?


Who am I? What really happened when I became “saved”? How do I live out these truths?


What am I supposed to do with my life? How do I figure out God’s will for my life?

Everyday Living

How do I experience faith, hope, peace, and obedience in my day-to-day?

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