I got a chance to meet Christa Wells at The Relevant Conference. I first heard of her through Kat—who has great taste in music. I have purchased many an album on her suggestion—they never disappoint.

On one of the conference mornings, Christa was cool enough to get up at the crack of dawn with the rest of us aspiring early birds, to lead worship just for the Maximize Your Mornings crowd. It was great, refreshing, God-centered worship.

I must say, I am not a big fan of “Christian” music. OK, before you go unsubscribing, and blocking me on your Twitter accounts, hear me out.

There is good music out there by Christian artists. Pretty songs, beautiful lyrics, heart-felt stories told to a tune. But many-a “Christian” song (though they put out a positive message) do not really communicate the centrality of Christ. Instead, they are filled with emotionalism and a try-harder faith. Some songs are just flat-out theologically incorrect.

Not so with Christa. Yes, her music and voice are beautiful, but her lyrics are scripturally solid as well.

You can hear her heart for the lost, her desire for unity within the body of Christ, and her desire to glorify her Master and Creator—all through the transparent lyrics of her songs.

My current favorite song of Christa’s is The Image of God.

Bare feet stepping on glass
We break along life’s paths
Our fear and loss, we bring it all to you
Soul-breather, making all things new
You’re making all things new
We come in pieces
We come in fragments
We come discolored
To the foot of the cross
Our Maker sees us
All that we have been
Bonds us together
The Image of God

I hope you will check out her music, and support Christa—I know you will love her!

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  1. Patti
    Patti says:

    My best friend gave me my first Christa Wells CD this Christmas. I cried the first two times I listened to it. She has a gift.


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