through next-level Bible Study

Join the movement of women who are enjoying a thriving relationship with God through deeper Bible study. The Club will provide the accountability, community, and coaching you need to take your Bible study experience to the next level.

Jump into the Club today and receive:
  • Confidence through Next-Level Bible Study Training
  • Consistency through Monthly Online Bible Study Plans
  • Accountability and Encouragement though a Thriving Community
  • Personal Coaching through One 15 Minute 1-on-1 Virtual Call
  •  Support through Monthly Virtual Bible Study Meetups
  • 24/7 On-Demand Access to the Resource Library 

YOU can regularly experience “ah-ha!” moments in the Word

... even if you're not sure if you can study without a workbook.

YOU can enjoy a deep time in the Word each day

… even if you have a busy schedule.

YOU can study any book of the Bible with confidence

... even Leviticus!

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If you want to experience next level Bible study, I’ve got good news for you!

YOU’RE JUST SECONDS AWAY FROM the resources you need to enjoy a deeper, more consistent time in your bible

Move Beyond Workbook Studies

Take your Bible study to the next level by learning how to study any passage of Scripture without the fill-in-the-blanks.

Experience Exponential Growth

As you enjoy deeper, more significant time in the Bible, and rightly apply God's Word to your life, you'll begin to look more and more like Jesus.

Break Free from Overwhelm

Receive a new Bible Study Pack each month filled with structure and coaching to help you gain confidence in your ability to study the Bible.

Become Part of a Thriving Community

Surround yourself with other women like you who are walking toward a deeper understanding of Scripture and a more intimate walk with God.





"I was not a Bible girl. I had morning devotions daily with a few verses of Scripture pertaining to that reading. Now with Katie's studies I am deeper in the Bible than I have ever beenI now understand what I am studying and reading!" 
— Hetty, Club Member

KATIE ORR  //  Bible Coach

Hi, there!

I love helping women take their Bible study to the next level.

I’ve spent decades helping thousands of women learn how to enjoy the Bible. When women have a plan, community, and the tools they need to succeed, they are propelled toward a deeper, more satisfying, life-changing experience with the Bible.

The Bible Study Hub Club is designed to help you confidently take your next best step toward mining the depths of God's Word.

I'd love for you to join me in the Club!

Katie Orr

I’ve done Bible study for over 20 years and I never learned how to really study the Bible until I joined the Bible Study Hub. I've gained a real understanding of who God is through my studies.

Just try it. It’s great for all women, no matter your knowledge of the Bible. Wherever you are, you will learn how to study it.

The Bible Study Hub Club is the membership for the woman who is ready to start using her Bible study muscles. 

When you join the Club you'll receive . . .

  • CONFIDENCE through Bible study coachingThe Club is centered around helping you study the Bible with confidence! We will help you IMPLEMENT  Bible study methods which will take your experience with God's Word to the next level.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT through a Bible Girl community  – You'll receive accountability and encouragement from women like you who are ready to dive deep into the Bible and share what they are learning. 
  • FLEXIBILITY through customizable Bible studies – Tailor your Bible study to your schedule and skill to help you avoid overwhelm and drop out. These studies can then  be expanded to grow along with you as you develop your Bible study muscles.
  • UNDERSTANDING through a comprehensive Bible study plan – From book, character, and topical study packs, each of our monthly inductive Bible study will help you better understand what you are reading.  
  • CONSISTENCY through Monthly Bible studies - Get a new study each month that you can enjoy with the group on your own.  No more waiting around while you figure out what to study next! You will also have on-demand access to dozens of past studies.  

Ultimately, all of this will lead you to a GREATER INTIMACY WITH GOD as you open your Bible more, understand what you are reading, and experience exponential spiritual growth as you walk forward and apply what you learn.

What our Members are saying

"I am digging deeper now more than ever before ..." — JUDY

I have learned how to study the Bible on my own

I love that I receive help along the way and, as a result, I have grown spiritually.

If you are considering the membership, join!! Katie and the other coaches are great!!! I really feel God moving in the group.


I love that I can follow the provided studies, instead of thumbing through my Bible, trying to decide what to study. I also love the encouragement that the community provides. It helps me to complete the study and I always look forward to the next one. I love that I'm learning Bible study methods that enable me to study any part of the Bible, on my own.

I'm getting so much more out of my studies.


My Bible study has changed completely.

I love the way Katie leads us in the study and I am now digging deeper than ever before and understanding what I am studying. If I get stuck, I have Katie and the members to help me. I love the ladies' insight in their understanding of the Word.

"If you are considering membership, join!!" — FAITH


Not only will you receive HOW to study, you’ll get support to ACTUALLY do it.

"Everything I need to study God's word is at my finger tips!" 

Who is the Club for?

  1. 1
    The woman who is ready for more than fill-in-the-blank Bible studies. - Do you long to be able to go to any passage of Scripture and know what to do in order to understand what you are reading? If so, the Club is for you!
  2. 2
    The woman who is ready to move from information to actual implementation.  - It's really great to learn about he Bible from others. It's even better to learn from the Bible for yourself. If you are ready to study the Bible on your own, know what it means, and apply it to your life, the Club is for you!
  3. 3
    The woman who is ready to do what it takes for a closer walk with God.  - We all know that being deeply rooted in the Word of God is the primary way we grow spiritually.  If you are ready to create a life that is embedded around the reading, studying, and applying the Bible, the Club is for you!


As a Club member, you will have access to an amazing community of women who are diving deep into the Word.


Daily Discussions 

Every month we study through a new Bible Study Pack through weekday posts where you can let us know you studied and share a bit about what you learned that day. 

Bible Study Workout 

This is a chance to show up and flex those Bible study muscles! Each month we have a digital meetup where members get to practice the Bible study methods they are learning.

Click to play

Bible Study LIVE 

Once a month we meet up to study the day's passage LIVE together. I bring my iPad so you can see a visual for how to use various study methods. It's a blast!

Jump into the community today and add to the conversation! We'd love to learn from you and your observations! All live meetups are recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience.


"I'm so enthusiastic about Bible study now" — BELINDA

Each day I learn something new and grow closer to God ...

I love this community of ladies! It feels like I am sitting down across the table drinking coffee with my girlfriends talking and learning about the Bible. Each day I study the Word and read the discussion I learn something new and grow closer to God. Awesome!

CHERYL  //  Club Member

I love all aspects of the Bible Study Hub Club ...

I love all aspects of the Bible Study Hub Club: the community, training, monthly reading plans. and all the printable worksheets available to help me study. All of this has led to a huge transformation in my life! The uplifting comments in the community will help light to your path. The monthly plans and structure will give you peace of mind. You'll have everything you need to study books of the Bible and grow closer to Christ. 

Crystal  //  Club Member

I'm now able to study the Bible on my own! 

The community is just wonderful here, there is so much encouragement! I'm now able to study the Bible on my own! Just do it!!!

KELLY  //  Club Member

I am enjoying the Bible Study Hub Club so much!

I love how I am learning to study the Bible even as I read it. The variety of studies and the community sharing is great, too. I've gained the ability to understand a deeper meaning of Bible passages. I am enjoying the Bible Study Hub Club so much!

gina  //  Club Member

I love that I am being held accountable as we go!

Through the Bible Study Hub Club I have found helpful tips to help me have a more productive Bible study and I love that I am being held accountable as we go!

Holly  //  Club Member

"It's like seeing the Bible with a new pair of glasses!" — LIZ


This is the Club for the Bible Girl who is ready for more.

More insight.

More depth.

More transformation.

What are you waiting for?

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