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You can enjoy a better Bible study experience.


Better Bible study is not out of reach. It is not just for the “super-spiritual.” YOU can learn a few simple yet powerful ways to approach the Bible that will make a passage of Scripture come to life.


Life is full and often chaotic. Perhaps the thought of adding yet another thing on your list is overwhelming. Yet, it doesn’t need to be. There is a simple way to make opening your Bible a part of your natural daily rhythm.


Many feel confused and discouraged when it comes to studying the Bible. If this has been your experience know that there is hope! You can develop confidence to open the Bible and understand what it is saying.

Learn How to Boost Your Time in the Bible

5 Days - 5 Simple Steps - You can do this!

Say Goodbye to Dead-Ends and Dread

Hi, there! I’m Katie Orr. I was a long-time member of the Bible study confusion and frustration camp. I spent years feeling like a failure when it came to studying the Bible and began to believe that there must be another stratosphere of Christians that I just wasn’t cut out for.

But then I received the training and tools which opened up a new and exciting experience for me to open my Bible. Dead-ends and dread have been replaced with satisfaction and transformation through my time in God’s Word.

I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned so you can join the ranks of thousands of women who I’ve helped learn how to ENJOY their time in the Bible!

Say Hello to Depth and Delight

While it takes a lifetime to mine the depths of the Bible, there is much we can delight in immediately. Through a few small adjustments and several simple steps, you can start enjoying God’s Word today.

I’d love to show you how. Through daily super-short coaching videos and simple assignments, you’ll be on your way to a deeper experience of God’s Word.

The 5 Days to Better Bible Study Challenge will:

  • Help you establish the habit of regular Bible time
  • Give you tools to help you avoid wasting time through mindless wandering
  • Provide a way out of paralysis when it comes to understanding the Bible
  • Show you several simple ways to boost your Bible reading
  • Get you started with Bible study through the use of one simple question
  • Bolster your ability to understand and apply Scripture to your life

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