Enjoy a Better Bible Study Experience

Say goodbye to inconsistency and confusion.

You can be a consistent, confident Bible Girl

  • Even if you‘re intimidated at the thought of studying the Bible

    Better Bible study is not out of reach. It is not just for the “super-spiritual.” YOU can learn a a few simple yet powerful ways to approach the Bible that will make a passage come to life.

  • Even if your schedule is full

    Life is full and often chaotic. Perhaps the thought of adding yet another thing on your list is overwhelming. Yet, it doesn’t need to be. There is a simple way to make opening your Bible a part of your natural daily rhythm.

  • Even if you are confused by what you read

    Many feel confused and discouraged when it comes to studying the Bible. If this has been your experience know that there is hope! You can develop confidence to open the Bible and understand what it is saying.