After a good solid stretch of smooth sailing in my attempts to rise early to prepare for the day (and even moving my rising time up by a full hour!) a change has come that has knocked the wind out of my sails. 

Daylight. Savings.

Maybe you are here with me? If not, you probably have your own wind-sucking event around the corner. A family stomach-bug. A new pregnancy. A road trip. Exhaustion. It is easy to be shipwrecked by the unexpected. There is a crucial battle in my heart and mind I must not forget about as I strive to become more like Jesus…


I am over at Inspired to Action today…Join me?

(Also, I am still decluttering with Project:Simplify. I just haven’t had anything super-exciting to post about. Although, I did pick up a check for $25 from the Consignment Shop yesterday!)

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